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Welcome babes to A little Kiss and Tell Podcast & Blog!

As for the Podcast...think A single gal, A few Guest, And a lot of secrets spilled!!! Our episodes explore topics from juicy gossip to things we really don't talk about or are afraid to share. We encourage topics that you wish you could talk about in the open and make it a reality!

As for the Blog, so you're probably wondering how does this blog work. Well how it all got started in 2018 is that I had the idea to create a blog in a unique shared diary kind of way. And what's better than a good ol juicy read. I approached a few ladies that I know about the idea and found a few to join who were just as excited as I was and saw my vision. We are single women all new to blogging who are actively dating to potentially run into the love of our lives...our future husbands at some point.

I've gathered a variety of my single friends here who share a common interest with me in this new century's struggle dating game. Although they all can relate to certain things they come across when dating, they each have their own way of going about finding love, different interest, wants, needs, ages, lifestyles, history, personalities, and stories. I'm here to help share their stories and keep you wanting more.

They had each come up with their own alter ego names to help bring out our inner "Spartan". The reason being is to keep the ladies discreet so that they freely feel confident and comfortable expressing themselves and sharing their stories and experiences with you. We hope that you can relate and that we can help each other out while sharing single-hood. 


*Please                 or DM us your juicy stories to post on blog or be read on podcast. Also, be sure to subscribe to this blog,               so that you don’t miss any of these juicy stories. Also, if you have any suggestions/recommendations or promotions for the blog, please feel free to contact me.

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             @moni_bagz (Owner of blog and Podcast Host)

                                                                              @cookiesnokieee (blogger)

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