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Hello Readers,

I want to humbly introduce myself as your most gracious host. You can call me what you want, but on this site refer to me as the Cup of Tea (Tee). As these 5 ladies spill every detail to you during their dating journey's to meeting "Mr. Right". I'd like to ask...What is better than sharing a little trial and error? Here on this page, you can get a feel for each of the ladies background.

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Enjoy loves! 

The Ladies introductions:

Cookie Snookie, 33

I’m a fun loving “southern girl” (in Erykah Badu voice) from Texas who is in the process of making the transition in her social life from clubs, non-dancing dudes in clubs, and watered down fountain drinks; to wine, candles, travelling, shopping, and good times at nice bars and dinner joints.  I’m in love with being a hard working professor at a university, and a hustling career woman.  Still, I’m looking for Mr. Hubs because DUH!!!  I’m THE PERFECT house wife prospect for any man.  Naturally, the practicality in me carries over to my dating life.  Ever since my last relationship of three years fell through, I don’t like to waste time dating just one guy exclusively.  The way I see it is that I’d better double the odds of me meeting THE ONE who will put a ring on it.  So, I date multiple people “at the same damned time” to increase my odds.  I'm on a man/ hubby hunt after all, and options are where its at!


I grudgingly recognize that men’s egos can’t handle discovering a woman they're dating isn’t monogamous.  So, I keep my “extraordinary” dating life under wraps.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it’ll probably all blow up in my face, Karma will be a b**** to me, or that at some point I’ll have to choose.  You’re probably right!   In fact, I know your right; so I will choose…., eventually.  For now though, don’t hate.  Just listen to my logic; which is that dudes give themselves options with their side chicks and all the other shenanigans they pull.  Thus, the hard working career woman in me simply cannot idly stand by and allow a MAN to have all the fun and get all the credit.  You got me!  (Single eyebrow arch).  Judge me if you want, but my life’s never dull, and I never have to sit at home alone on a weekend waiting on a man if I don’t want to.  It’s a win, win in my book.  I have no shame or regrets.  I’ve got two husband prospects at my beck and call after all (wags eyebrows), I couldn’t be happier, and I’m determined to come out on top, with a huge rock ;-).  Follow me on Instagram: @cookiesnookieee

Amaya Renai, 34

My name is Amaya Renai, I’m a flight attendant in LA and I’ve traveled the world for the last 11 years. I love my job, I love to travel, and I love my life. I’m a single, 34-year-old woman, with no kids, and I’m in school for my masters. I want to impact the younger female generation by encouraging and promoting self-love. I’ve never been married and I'm actually enjoying being single for the first time in my life. I’m loving who I’m becoming and appreciate the trials that have molded me, regardless of how many failed relationships I’ve been in. 


My experiences when it comes to dating haven’t been the best or the healthiest. Each encounter taught me to be a better me for myself, my family, friends and the next man that enters my life. 

So many times I’ve thought  “He’s the one” and he was THE ONE... for “ME, HER, HER, and HER.” 

This is MY story, My life, MY lessons. Follow me on Instagram: @amayarenai2018

Chanel Rey, 33

Where do I start?.. I swear my life’s story could be a movie or a juicy book read. It’s been an exciting journey…scratch that, it’s been an interesting learning journey haha. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It has all helped me to grow into the strong independent Woman I am today. In the midst of living my BEST LIFE, I'm looking at life from a different perspective this year. Focusing on me, but also being very open to whatever comes my way and having fun in it all. No longer on a hunt/mission to make the next Dreamy Man that gives me a little attention MINE.


I’ve been on this dating journey on and off for the past few years now. my 30' in Atlanta, Y'all know this city and how that goes *eye roll*. It isn't the best city to be single and looking for something serious in if you ask me. At first, it was just for fun, but now that the years are flying by and here I am in my early 30’s and ready for that next chapter. I yearn for the entire package…lover/husband/best friend and kids, patiently waiting on God's timing. I'm looking for companionship, by no means, am I trying to get married today or tomorrow. I want to try and establish something exclusive to build a foundation with someone genuine, honest, and loyal. I refuse to settle at this point and I just KNOW what I want in that companion, deserve, and bring to the table ijs. The dating game and peoples mentality about it is just not what it used to be. Who agrees?  Follow me on Instagram: @heychanelrey

Paris Davenport, 34

I am a HBCU Graduate and this is my tenth year living in Atlanta! I was in a relationship for 5 and a half years and 2 of those years engaged. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out! Growing up, I have only had male best friends, so it’s safe to say I’m considered “one of the guys”. With that being said, I have a very good understanding of men. Sometimes I think TOO much like a man!


Lol, needless to say, I’m laid back, yet Turnt, I like to wear heels but will throw on some J’s in a heartbeat, I like to watch sports but love to play them. I’m your "homeboy", but the “perfect woman”!!! I’m looking for a fun, outgoing man who looks GREAT in A Nike jogging suit but can rock a tailored suit. I love spontaneous and random trips and outings. I AM LOOKING TO LIVE MY BEST LIFE WITH A HOMIE, LOVER, FRIEND to accompany me!! 

Follow me on Instagram: @paris.davenport

Lexi Nikols, 40

I’m a 40yr old, single and successful working mother of one. Born in the upper Mid-West but have been loving life in Atlanta for over a decade now. So this is home. As a dedicated 9-5’er, Monday – Friday, you would find me happily slaving away within my corporate cubicle.


The last few years has caused reality to set in, and none of us are getting any younger. My agenda where dating is concerned has become a lot more purposeful. I’m dating with a sole and soul…purpose. Becoming acquainted with a life-long friend. Someone to share life, vacations, the day-to-day, and dreams with. …And let’s be real when it’s time to figure out who should come cut this tree down in the backyard, fix the fence, change out the air filters, tune-up the A/C, damnit did I forget a bill...a chick is muffuggin tied! You can have that Miss Independent cape. Lol I’m ready for a partner. Optimistically open and expectantly dating in Atlanta. 

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