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Amaya Renai, 34

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

My name is Amaya Renai, I’m a flight attendant in LA and I’ve traveled the world for the last 11 years. I love my job, I love to travel, and I love my life. I’m a single, 34 year old woman, with no kids, and I’m in school for my masters. I want to impact the younger female generation by encouraging and promoting self love. I’ve never been married and Im actually enjoying being single for the first time in my life. I’m loving who I’m becoming and appreciate the trials that have molded me, regardless of how many failed relationships I’ve been in. 

My experiences when it comes to dating haven’t been the best or the healthiest. Each encounter taught me to be a better me for myself , my family , friends and the next man that enters my life. 

So many times I’ve thought  “He’s the one” and he was THE ONE... for “ME, HER, HER, and HER.” 

This is MY story, My life , MY lessons. 

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