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Amaya Renai, 34

8-23-18 The continuance of last post from 7-27-18......

When I pulled up the his house, I saw his car. My girlfriend was nervous I would flip out so she told me to not go up there. But before she could stop the car completely I jumped out and I told her I was good!!! I stormed up to the third floor, pissed as hell!!! When I reached his door, I paused for a moment, uneasy about the entire situation, but I had to get my answers because there was no way in hell he was going to just send me a text and be done. 

I cover the peep hole. ((Knock knock knock))

I hear his dog barking! 

He opens the door in shock and closes the door behind him. 

Me: What the fuck is going on?!! Why did you lie to me?!? 

Him: uhhh uhhh uhhh 

Me: So.... Why did you tell me you were going home to see your mom?! Who is in there?! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!? 

Him: I still want to be friends!!! 

Me: Thats not an option! Why did you lie this weekend! Explain!!? I don’t get it!?! Let me in who is in there?!? 

He stepped in front of me blocking the access to the door. 

Him: No!!! I had a friend from Dallas come in town and visit me this weekend. 

Me: Are y’all fucking?! 

Him: No!! 

Me: So why the fuck are you lying then?!? If she just a friend?!? 

Him: I didn’t know how to tell you!! 

Me: Bruhhhhhh!!!!  We have always been open enough to communicate our friends of the opposite sex! So explain to me why you lied?!? 

He just stood there , staring at me!! No words,  just staring at me. 

That pissed me off more!!! No words !! Just staring at me!!! 

At this point I’m not sure why I did what I did but I did it and honestly it felt AMAZING!!! 

I slapped the shit out of him, not one of those pretty girl slaps but one of those slaps that came from everything in me! I slapped him like I was some kind of MMA fighter, my hand covered his ear and the left side of his face! Guys, if you could see the look he gave me when I did that, I just knew his 6’4 ft ass was going to hit me back!!! Instead, he shook his head at me and said “We’re done”!!!! At that point I started screaming all big and bad...... “Ohhhhh hell yea we’re done”. I started to step closer to him and yelling like a crazy woman. 

My girlfriend was downstairs standing outside by her car when she heard the slap! She immediately thought he hit me, so she ran up three flights of stairs, ready to handle the situation. 

As I’m getting in his face I feel a tug at my arm and my girlfriend saying “Let’s go NOW”!! 

I had to make a scene, so I started screaming obscenities like.....

FUCK YOU!!! YOU BITCH ASS NIGGA!!!!  And the list goes on, I was so mad at myself for hitting him and even more upset at myself that I was stuck in Atlanta working for the month, all because of him!!! 

Needless to say this story didn’t end well. I had hopes for us, based on our conversations and interaction. I was devastated, hurt and I was exhausted from the failures of every man I had encountered in my life. I can honestly say the “boy” in this story ALMOST BROKE ME! I say almost because without the support of my girlfriends and my family I would have probably become a Bitter Betty!!! Instead of mourning this failed relationship like I did so many in the past I decided to go back to school for my masters, work on my revenge body and set goals for myself and become a better woman for me!!! 

Did I give up on dating?! Helll nahhhh!!! I’m still out here waiting for my king to find me! 

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