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Amaya Renai, 34

11-13-18  Continued ...."Situation-shit , I mean ship gone wrong. "

He started to scare me, his actions became more and more unpredictable. I couldn’t believe I was dealing with a potential stalker. WAIT, NOT POTENTIAL….. HE WAS A STALKER!!!! I made a few mistakes along the way and definitely ignored the RED FLAGS, all because sex was the BEST I EVER HAD. As I write this blog, I didn’t know how to start this story because I was still in the midst of dealing with this fool. I would think “My God, what have I gotten myself into.”

The turning point of his erratic behavior began like this:

I had just finished flying a 12-hour duty day at work, when I received a text from Antonio at 930pm asking me to take him to the airport. I had been home for 2 hours when he texted me and I went to a girlfriend out to eat.

Our text conversation goes a little like this:

Him: Can you take me to the airport.

Me: When is your flight?

Him: 11pm.

Me: You need to leave now, actually you should have left a while ago to get through security!! Nahh I can’t take you. I’m not on that side of town.

Him: okay.

So, I don’t hear from him for about an hour, I sent a text asking him if he made the flight. He responds back to me about a half hour later, stating “Driving”. I responded back asking him if he was driving to the airport or California? which is where he was going. He never responded back, at this point it was 10:40pm when I texted him. I was exhausted so I went to bed soon after I sent him that text.

I wake up at 6am the next day, energized and happy to start my day. I see Antonio, (if that is even his name) called me at 11:16pm last night. I send him a text stating “Good Morning, I’m sorry I missed your call, I was knocked out.” I get up, clean up my house and start enjoying the weather outdoors, until I receive his text. He responded back stating “MHHMMMM”.

Me: What??

Him: Unnecessary that’s what!!!

Me: Huh? What are you talking about?

Him: The lie you are telling me, whoever that guy was at your house that caused you not to answer your phone last night.

So instead of going back and forth with him, I called him. Actually, I think I called him 6 times, 3 times he ignored my calls and continued to text me to argue me about me not answering my phone, the other three times he answered and hung up on me.

So, I texted back with this response:

Me: What you NOT about to do is disrespect my name and character about some insecurities YOU HAVE!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

He never responded back to me. So as annoyed as I was by this entire text conversation, I continue to go about my day. I hang out with friends, drink and enjoy my Saturday. STRESS FUCKING FREE!!!

Around 11pm, I receive a text from him asking me what was I doing. STUPIDLY I RESPOND. WHY?? BECAUSE A BITCH WAS HORNY AS FUCK!!! Now, I had already had another potential dick hanging out with me that night, I felt if he wanna ASSUME I was fucking someone I might as well make it “REAL LIFE” LMAO…. BUT having old GOOD DICK was what I wanted.

So, I text him back saying I’m with friends, even after our altercation this morning.

He responded back “NVM, OBVIOUSLY NOT YOU. At this point, I knew it was just better to leave him alone and fuck with the guy in my presence. I continue my night with the new guy, continue drinking and head to my house, we were sooooo drunk, we took a shower together, made out and went straight to bed. Y’all, I think he had Whiskey Dick because he kept going soft the entire night. Ughhhhhh the worst. Fast Forward to the morning (we will discuss “Whiskey Dick” later).

I check my phone only to see 4 missed calls @ 4am from Antonio. I got home last night at 3:30am. My initial thought was WTF, WHY IS HE CALLING ME. I IGNORE IT!!! Because after further thought, I needed to be done with him. PERIODT!!!! The new guy heads to church, I clean the house and he comes back to my place. We go to eat, then to the movies. We get out the movies and I see I have another missed call from him. IGNORE AGAIN!!! We head home and we start to watch a movie and I see another missed call from him. At this point I start to think he is watching me. It’s about 11pm, we head to bed, around 11:30, not even fully rested in the bed, my doorbell rings. Y’ALL THIS MOTHA-FUCKA IS AT MY DOOR!!!!!!! AT MY DAMN DOOR!!! WHY?????

Like a fool I open the door, ask him what he wants? He is looking at me as if he could kill me. Now, we aren’t together and he already thought I was fucking other people, now that I have company he want to trip. I stepped outside and asked him, what’s up?? Why are you here??

Him: I just wanted to see you, you’re ignoring me!? Why? The least you could’ve done was text me and say you’re busy? Who the hell is that in the house??

Me: None of your business. We not together…

Him: Don’t you dare say that to me, the way we were fucking and doing stuff!!!!

First off, our situation went from 2 dates before he lost his job to sex period, nothing more.

Me: Antonio, you told me you just wanted to be friends, so what is the issue??

Him: Do you want me to start fucking other females?

Me: Do whatever you wanna do!!! The fact that you are at my house without my permission, makes me think you have been watching me.

He never confirmed nor denied this.

He tells me maybe we should block each other’s numbers. I tell him, fine… do what works for you. He was STUNNED by my response, shit so was I…. sex was phenomenal!!!!! But this NEGRO WAS CRAZY, IF I CONTINUED TO SLEEP WITH HIM I WOULD BE IN MORE TROUBLE WITH HIM.

He walks away, calls my phone, I ignore him again. I text him back asking, what else he had to say, he said never mind. OK! Cool!!! Honestly, I was nervous as hell, because I felt like he had been following me for a while, this was something that was getting out of control and I wasn’t sure If he would hurt me. I don’t hear from him for 4 days, and he calls me from a unrecognizable number, I answered because I was waiting for a specific call back from someone but wasn’t sure of the number. He states he wanted to see me and was 5 mins from my house and wanted to talk. I said NO! If you wanna talk, let’s talk over the phone but you can’t come here. He was extremely offended by my response.

Him: I miss you and wanted to tell you thank you for teaching that people can’t be trusted especially a woman like you, you lie to me and fucking other niggas!

Me: okay, why are we having this conversation!!! You don’t have any proof nor do I owe you and explanation.

Him: Soooo, you don’t want me to fuck other women?? Or you do??

Me: I don’t care what you do.

Him: Oh wow, all you care about is proof. Trust me, I know what you have been doing.

I tell him unless he has something of value to discuss, we should definitely block each other.

He states “OKAY”.

I haven’t heard from him since. I hope I never do!!! I was paranoid for at least a month. I can’t believe our 4 months of dating turned out like this, but honestly, I kinda can…. Dating nowadays have been shitty AF!!!!

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