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Chanel Rey, 33

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

6-18-18 Oh NO he didn't!

Girl guess what!!! Tell me why I Found out that "Slim's" ass is still messing with his BM. I can’t! I KNEW something seemed off by the distance and random monthly pop-ups. He literally had just casually hit me up last week too. Now here we find him appearing to be boo'ed up. So, here's how I found out... Y’all know women are TOP NOTCH investigators and with social media in your reach, it just makes it oh so easy. My homegirl who is really good at that kind of stuff found his BM's IG page via his page and they appear to be booed up on a trip in her story but of course, on his, he hasn’t shown her one time. Smdh Ni**as!!! They THINK they slick. I hate a liar and always tell them to always be completely transparent and upfront with me, I’m an understanding person. But if i ask and you deny, but then you really were on that like i felt, that’s messed up, because I don’t like be played like a fool. And then prove my theory right about men with baby mamas when the child is like under the age of 4 (case proved). Now I'm debating with my HG rather I should play a game or two with him or just go MIA on dat ass 👿, we shall see.

Ok so enough about him, Woooooosah lol so anyways, of course, ya girl is not stuck on one man, I'm keeping myself open until a man and I am seriously ready to make it official by taking it to the next level😉. I'm not dumb and crazy when it comes to that anymore. I'm ALL THE WAY Single until then boop. 

Let's move on to how I met this other guy that I'm currently dating, he seems like a far. How do y'all feel about online dating? It had come to a time where I just wasn't really meeting Men out and about, seemed like a drought in the "A" that season or something. While chatting to my homegirl one day who was inquiring about my date life and I went on to tell her girl ain't nothing out here. She suggested I try online dating and talked me into giving it a shot. The fact that she had met her boyfriend on there, made me think hmmm I may have a chance online. She was the second to tell me that that week. The other was a co-worker and she met her now husband on it's always been something about online dating that frightened me.  For the longest I steered away from it because it's like you never really know WHO is behind that screen ya know. EL Creep-O's and Ted Bundy's who knows....I watch too much TV lol, but Y'all watch the news so Y'all know, it's some CRAZIES out in this world smdh. 

I first gave one of those online date sites where you have to actually create a full profile, answer questions, the whole shabang a try called OkCupid. It was the WORST!!! Like omg my inbox was FLOODED with messages and as I deleted them more and more came. It was just waaaaaay TOO MUCH for me. I opened a few of the guys' messages and previewed their profiles and i just couldn’t -_-. I deleted the account immediately LOL. That method of online dating just wasn't for me. They shouldn't allow every random guy to be able to message you directly like that yikes. 

My next thing to try out was Tinder, yes it had come to that. It seemed less complex and straight to the point. Do you like me? Yes (swipe right) or no (swipe left) lol. I could get with this.  So, at first, I fell addicted to just swiping...left...right...left, left, left. I was barely coming across any cuties, *sighs* girl you know how that can go. About a week or so later, I'd finally matched with a few cuties.  We began chatting within the app. I typically at the time would only go for men who actually took the time to write a bio and didn't have kids. Although Tinder doesn't give you much space to work with for a bio, you can still put the basics. I also would swipe left if I saw any red flags such as, he wears hats in all of his pics (that means he's hiding either a bad hairline or a funny shaped head🚩), wearing shades in all of his pics (he may be cock-eyed or have a droopy one, who knows. Let me see dem eyes BRUH 👀), no full body pics (which usually is an illusion to hide the height or body shape). I mean don't get me wrong I'm not perfect, but hell I gave angles, full body, different hairstyles and all in my bio pics so they can see what they are working with lmbooo😼. And a sis wants kids so I need to see and know what I'm getting,

The first crazy experience:

"It's a Match!' Appeared on my phone as I swiped right.  I'm loving his profile pics, he was that nice sexy dark chocolate type with dark smooth skin and a nice clean smile. He appeared really tall in his pics and in his bio, he mentioned that he is 31yrs old, loves playing basketball, has a degree in business management, owns his own business, and has no kids. In my mind I'm like ok ok, so far so good. He sends me the first greeting message and we began to chat about our day and ask each other questions. Day 3 he asks for my number so that we can plan a meet up. Now usually I like to continue chatting via the Tinder App for at least 5 days-a-week lol. Think about it ladies... as SOON as a nicca get your number he is about to be BLOWING YOU UP! I just like to make sure we have things in common and you don't sound like a bugaboo and don't seem crazy first. I typically can find some of that out by the questions I ask right off top😏. He hits me up on the 3rd day by texting me and asking my plans for that night. I told him that my friend and I were going somewhere for Taco Tuesday and Tequila. He said, "Ok would y'all want to come meet up with us afteafterward at U Bar?". To myself I'm, like uhhhh I haven’t been to U Bar since like my college days, but that may be fun. I ask my friend and she's so with it, but she asks how his friend looks lol. We ask for a pic and he send to us and he was actually cute.

She and I get to the door and I text him that we are here. He says it's free till 11:30pm, but U Bar said no we charge Tuesday's, so we end up having to pay to get in, strike 1. He went M.I.A. for like 10 min, so I text again. "Where are you?" Him: "We are in the back. I have on black sweater".  She and I are looking around for them for like almost 30 minutes it felt like. We look at each other and say "girl this better not be catfish'! Then BAM he finally approaches me and I'm looking like who is this😶I squint a little and tell myself I guess that's him. Girl he looks NOTHING like those pics he has online. I'm whispering to her, "girl his ass hasn’t updated his Tinder profile pics in like 10 years WTF". Y'all this guy did NOT look 31...that's a lie, strike 2! He looked at least 37 or 38 ijs. So, me being me was like "Are you really 31?👀 You look older than me sir". He laughs and keeps his lie going. Meanwhile she is over there talking to his brother who is acting weird. We wait for them to bring our drinks back and then dip off for a little bit because the place was actually jumpin'. The DJ was playing all of my songs. My homegirl and I go up to the DJ because my homie just happens to be up there and we are requesting our songs, dancing, and having a grand ol time. Like I had totally forgot we were there with those guys until he texted asking where we were LMBO. But anyway that night came to an end and since then I ignored him. It was TEW much, he never gave us our money back for paying to get in, he bamboozled me with his throwback profile and age, and he lives with his sister but said it’s temporary since he just moved here. Tha'll ne a NAH for me dawg 😑.

The Narcissist:

Came across this good looking butterscoth bald guy. He had great personality and humor via text. We exchanged numbers after a few days or so and he hit me up while I was heading to a lounge I the city. He and his friends pull up to come hang out. I on it's going well, but I can tell he's had quite a few before he came here. He's yelling and slurring and on top of that he has drunk breath 😫 (yikes smelled like he had just puked or something, will someone give him some gum}. He goes on to say he's a little tipsy, they had just come from his friend's event. Night ended, I hear from him the next day explaining himself and wanting to have a proper date. We plan a movie date days later for something that had just come out that I wanted to see. Since we were going to Atlantic Station regular seats (yes I said it lol I'm spoiled. I like the recliner chairs and a bar), so Me being me I packed up some shorties (aka bottled shots of liquor) in my purse and an Almond Snickers. HHey, want what I want *Kanye shrug*, I had a taste for that. Get to the theater and he goes to the concession stand and had gotten just him a drink. So I go get in line and now a little irritated. He comes over and says you wanted something and I say of course. I go on to say I snuck us some shorties so we really just need ice and chaser. We go into the movies to the tip top seats and pour our drinks and I split my Snickers. See how I thought of him (that was the first signs I noticed the selfishness). The movie was great, he even kissed me during it (and no ladies his breath wasn't funky this time) 😉. I enjoyed the kiss he had a juicy bottom lip that when I bit it slightly his dick jumped (can't help myself sometimes😈). He opens his car door for me to take me back home and we are discussing the movie and having great convo the entire way. Finally make it to my place and he swayed me to invite him in, saying he didn’t want to end the night. Oh, I'm not dumb girl I knew where this was headed, but I wanted it *shrug*(don't judge me), it had been a long time since I'd had some 🍆. He sits on the couch, I turn on some r&b and pour us a drink all the while we are still talking and laughing. I sit back on the couch and he soon leans my way and starts kissing and caressing all my thickness. We head to the bedroom and it goes down from there. All I'll say is boy is he strongggg🙀, he had a few flips tricks and thangs. It was good but not A1 because the foreplay was missing and he's a sweater 😖. I'm sorry, but I don’t know why sweat turns some people on in the bedroom lol because I seriously CAN'T. And then the sweat is just rubbing all on your body and then NO not my hair 😫 *slaps forehead*. The reason he and I stopped talking is because he only wanting to come over for more sex and I'm like damn I know it's phenomenal🍑 and all, but no. He also was just a Me Me Me I I I type of guy, he could talk about himself for HOURS if you let him. He loved talking about his body. I found weird and awkward...but now that I think about it maybe he used to be a fat and did a transformation he's proud about. Who knows!

The "Gentleman":

That's what we'll call him because so far I see no wrong. I met him on Tinder this year like late March. I loved that he was a great conversationalist, we keep each other laughing, and right off the set up a date based off of my bio, where I included my interests/likes. I gave him my digits and we kept the conversation going over an actual phone call. Yes, he was not afraid to pick up the phone to hear my voice and have an actual conversation😍. I went on asking my questions and found out that he has a 9year old that lives in a nearby state. He went on to say he drives there a lot to spend time with his son. So that's good to know he was active in his life. Now I'm still thinking in my mind hmm I wonder how his relationship is with the BM...but I'll make sure I ask that on one of our dates. 

Our first date was at this sushi restaurant that has a poppin weekday vibe to it. IDK why, but I was actually nervous with this one. He was like really good looking and seemed like one of those types based off of looks, that he was very particular. I go to the bathroom to do a mirror check since I'm the first to arrive. I'm not fancied up at all but I look fly regardless. So, I leave out the restroom with that exact attitude. I spot him at the bar and tap his shoulder to introduce myself and take a seat. The entire time I could see him just checking me out literally his eyes went from head to toe, front to rear. I'm like, ok I hope he likes what he sees in person. He looked like his pics so I release a "SCORE" in my head lol. We eat and drink and are enjoying our time spent. Conversation is going so smooth that he wants to continue the date elsewhere for drinks. We go to this lounge that is so low-key that it's perfect for a date. After a few drinks and hookah, he walks me to my car, hugs me and tells me to text him once I make it home. Once home I send a cute text letting him know that I made it and he replies stating he had such a great time with me tonight and is looking forward to the next time. Hopefully, sooner than later, he added.....

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