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Cookie Snookie, 33

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

I’m a fun loving “southern girl” (in Erykah Badu voice) from Texas who is in the process of making the transition in her social life from clubs, non-dancing dudes in clubs, and watered down fountain drinks; to wine, candles, traveling, shopping, and good times at nice bars and dinner joints.  I’m in love with being a hard working professor at a university, and a hustling career woman. Still, I’m looking for Mr. Hubs because DUH!!! I’m THE PERFECT house wife prospect for any man.  Naturally, the practicality in me carries over to my dating life. Ever since my last relationship of three years fell through, I don’t like to waste time dating just one guy exclusively.  The way I see it is that I’d better double the odds of me meeting THE ONE who will put a ring on it. So, I date multiple people “at the same damned time” to increase my odds.  I'm on a man/ hubby hunt after all, and options are where its at!

I grudgingly recognize that men’s egos can’t handle discovering a woman they're dating isn’t monogamous.  So, I keep my “extraordinary” dating life under wraps. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it’ll probably all blow up in my face, Karma will be a b**** to me, or that at some point I’ll have to choose. You’re probably right!  In fact, I know your right; so I will choose…., eventually. For now though, don’t hate. Just listen to my logic; which is that dudes give themselves options with their side chicks and all the other shenanigans they pull. Thus, the hard working career woman in me simply cannot idly stand by and allow a MAN to have all the fun and get all the credit.  You got me!  (Single eyebrow arch). Judge me if you want, but my life’s never dull, and I never have to sit at home alone on a weekend waiting on a man if I don’t want to. It’s a win, win in my book. I have no shame or regrets. I’ve got two husband prospects at my beck and call after all (wags eyebrows), I couldn’t be happier, and I’m determined to come out on top, with a huge rock ;-).

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