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Cookie Snookie, 33

7-13-18 Reverse Cowgirl , Rodeos, and Mind fucks:

My apartment felt lonely as ever as I returned home after being dropped off by White Chocolate.  I was surprised I had had so much fun with him. This morning we’d stopped by my apartment so I could freshen up and put on some nice clothes.  Then, we’d gone to brunch. It had all been so wonderful, but was it too good to be true?  And if it wasn’t, did I deserve a guy like White Chocolate?  I wondered in a moment of insecurity.  I put my purse on my round kitchen table and entered my bathroom like a sad and lonely zombie.  I peered at my reflection, and my thoughts turned inward to the events of last night.

I recalled when we’d just finished eating the Chinese, and White Chocolate had just come back over to the couch from putting away the food.  White Chocolate’s mad skillz running game on me had made me become skittish. In an effort to try to keep myself more grounded and separated from White Chocolate’s charms, I’d moved further down his extra-long couch 🛋to sit at the opposite end.  My rationale being that it would keep me a safe distance away and preserve what little was left of my sexual dignity.  I would play footsy with him instead under the covers in order to maintain my composure. I knew that if I laid my ass up against his perfect godlike body, I’d be a gonner.  He stared at my new positioning on his couch in puzzlement as he took his seat across from me.  He’d just rewound the movie 🎥 again as we tried for the umpteenth time to watch the damned thing.  He smirked 😏with amusement at me, flashing those dimples in the dim lighting, 👀 and said, “come on…” in a way that told me I was being ridiculous.  The look he gave was adorable and I quickly reminded myself I was thirty not thirteen.  But you have cooties, I thought childishly while briefly considering blurting it out.  Stop behaving like a petulant teen Snook!  I told myself.  I sighed 😩and went over to him.  Woman up Snook!  💁🏾I thought as I curled up in his arms.  Laying in his arms felt… nice….; perfect actually.  I felt…, safe, secure, and comfortable. Perhaps he felt the same because he gave a manly sigh in contentment and muttered, “much better.”  

The innocent cuddling lasted oh…, about ten minutes, and that was being generous.  I tried to be G rated, but damned it! It seemed everything was fucking R rated when I was with White Chocolate.  He really was the most sinful piece of Chocolate I’d ever sampled.  The simple act of me softly rubbing the palm of his hand had made him aroused behind me, and the feel of his stiff erection pressed firmly up against my ass and back was making me aroused.  🍑  Needless to say, I wasn’t watching the movie anymore.  My thoughts were solely on his hard masterful dick and my ministrations to his hand.  Even though I was aroused too, I resolved to make no moves on White Chocolate. As ridiculous as it may seem, I didn’t want to appear like a horn ball even though that’s exactly what I was at that moment; and exactly what I’d been in the bedroom hours ago.  Things turned into a battle of wills and patience.  My subconscious laughed at me. Bitch, you know you ain’t got no damned patience! Shut up!  I told her, even though I knew she was correct, I wanted to make White Chocolate pay for fake jaking that kiss earlier.  My subconscious rolled her eyes in a whatever bitch type of way.

I continued my hand petting.  Then, White Chocolate stretched behind me.  His hard dick pressing more firmly against me in the process.  He’d probably done it on purpose, the ass.   I silently cursed the thin ass boxers we were both wearing because I could feel everything more prominently as he stretched.  Still, I resisted making any moves other than petting his hand.  I was putting up a hell of a fight, and was quite pleased with myself, but then, THEN the ass began to softly kiss my neck, my weakness.  Mother Fucker!  A sharp intake of breath slipped from my lips before I bit them to keep myself quiet.  I held my breath, but as his hot, wet tongue continued to tease my neck, an unbitten moan of pleasure escaped my lips on the exhale.   His free hand ran along the skin of my thigh big and warm, and I softly moaned again. Awww hell!!! I GIVE UP ALREADY!!!!  I thought as I reached behind me for his dick.   I massaged it as best I could in my position through his boxers.  He moaned his encouragement against my neck. It was as if I’d suddenly given him permission to open up the flood gates 🌊because, a hand slipped into my boxers.  Overloaded with sensations, I lost focus and gave up on stroking him.  I relaxed submissively against him as he began to finger fuck me beneath the covers.  Releasing my neck, he ground against me, eliciting a soft moan out of me. My breathing grew more and more erratic as my traitorous body responded to his ministrations…, betraying just how much I was into him.  I was surprisingly wet 💦despite all the fucking we’d done earlier.  The curse of a horny ovulating woman.  I thought dryly as he moved his leg over mine beneath the covers to pin me and part my thighs to his satisfaction.  He stroked and teased like he’d been reading my mind; using my wetness to increase my pleasure. His leg spread me further for better perusal of my cookie 🍪even as he continued to kiss my neck and grind against me.  To hell with this movie, I thought even as my subconscious rolled her eyes in an I told you so kind of way.  

I had no self-control with him.  We just couldn’t stop getting distracted by each other.  He slid the boxers down off my hips; his breathing ragged as he removed his hand from my cookie 🍪 to rub both hands worshippingly over my thighs.  Oh NO! I briefly thought, not wanting the pleasure to end.  I’d been about to cum.  The fingers he’d just pleasured me with skidded wetly across my thighs as he slid them against my soft skin.  At this point, I was shamelessly throwing it back against his hard dick as he continued to kiss my neck. I was eager for release and I squirmed impatiently against him.  Again, it was like he read my mind because he suddenly gripped my hips, firmly lifted my ass, and swiftly and suddenly entered my slick cookie. 🍪  I gasped, surprised yet again by him.  He was seated to the hilt, and I was sitting on top of him reverse cow"girl" style . When had he pulled his dick out?  I wondered as he kissed my shoulder blade.  Damn, White Chocolate for being so pleasantly unpredictable.  He slid down so he was more horizontal against the couch.  Then, he began to slowly, rhythmically thrust in and out of me.  I could feel the fabric of his boxers against my bare ass, and the thought that he’d been so eager that he hadn’t bothered to remove them was a strange kind of turn on for me.  He picked up the pace, and I followed his lead, bouncing on his dick with cowgirl glee as he thrust deep inside me.  After I came, he abruptly stopped kissing me and sat up so his chest was against my back.  He gently collared my neck and said, “I like how turned on you get for me while I fuck you.”  I didn’t say anything to deny the obvious. In fact, I had no time for a response because he took control and began slamming my ass on top of him.  I tumbled headlong into serendipitous oblivion; frantically trying to find my rhythmic footing and keep pace with him. As I came down from my first orgasmic high, my first thought was that he was showing me how a real cowgirl rides their stallion at a rodeo.  Fitting. Clearly I would never outdo White Chocolate, not even in the reverse cowgirl position.  I thought as he hit the spot again and sweet pleasure came to its precipice.  I saw stars, and in that moment, all I could think was it really isn’t his first time at the rodeo because I’ve never felt pleasure like this.  I cried out in ecstasy.  


It was noon when we both woke, and it took another hour before White Chocolate dropped me off at my place for a fresh set of clothes for brunch.  🍳He’d fucked me again with that magical cock of his that morning.  Then when we’d arrived at my place, he’d fucked me again in this very bathroom vanity as I put on my makeup.  We were becoming like bunnies.🐰 I closed my eyes remembering the feel of his hands as they’d slid up my skirt before he’d bent me over the sink vanity and entered me.  I yanked my eyes open and came out of my daze. I cast my eyes down to my smudged handprints on the mirror as I remembered how he’d slapped me on the ass, making me promise not to wait two weeks to see him again as he’d pounded into me from behind.  How could I refuse him when I’d been enjoying that godlike dick of his as much as I had? Whoever said cocaine was a hell of a drug was wrong! Dick was a hell of a drug!!! And White Chocolate had basically whipped out his dick 🍆and slapped me around with it until I’d gleefully become addicted; submitting to his every whim.  

Suddenly, crazily, I burst into irrational laughter 😂.  Man, I was sooo… FUCKING FUCKED!   All men knew that if a chick gave up the pussy and enjoyed it, it was almost as good as a buyer’s down payment on a house.  At first, I’d only been curious about white guys when I entertained White Chocolate, but now, NOW that I’d actually sampled the proverbial forbidden fruit… Shit….. I didn’t know why it was considered taboo for black women in the first place (“The sweetest taboo,” my subconscious supplied in her best imitation of Sade).  That’s how I knew I was truly in trouble. I was shot with cupid’s arrow 💘, and it was a crazy, scary feeling.  Just like that, I wasn’t simply appeasing my curiosity anymore with White Chocolate.  My whole thought process had changed, and I was taken with the guy. What was worse was that now he probably knew it, and it would probably all go to his head.  😫I could only pray now that he felt the same way, or that he eventually would because I was afraid he would take advantage and hurt me.  The fact that I’d fucked up royally by letting him hit it without condoms, or even, “the talk” was telling.  In a matter of twenty-four hours, you’ve become an irresponsible irrational Fool for him!  I thought.  I recovered from my sudden outburst of laughter and leaned against my bathroom wall closing my eyes once more.  It seemed that in this moment, I was unable to look even my own reflection in the eye. That was probably because I didn’t recognize myself right now.  It had been super irresponsible of me to have unprotected sex, but White Chocolate had surprised me at every turn. I was delighted by him and his fearsome dick; charmed even.  I hadn’t been prepared to be blown away like that. I’d seen fucking stars ✨for christ’s sake!  White Chocolate had rendered me utterly speechless, and in my various positions of surprised and delighted pleasure; getting the necessary words out about safe sex had slipped my mind.  What’s worse, I hadn’t wanted to disrupt the incredible fucking sessions we’d had. I was out of control, and because I was out of control, I needed to make an effort to get some damned control by making my gyno appointment first thing tomorrow morning.   The sight of my gyno’s face always sobered me right up. Damn!  More money down the drain!  Oh well! I had to be responsible and keep my cookie 🍪in un-impregnated optimal shape.  I swear, I’d developed a more steady and reliable relationship with my OBGYN and her co-pays than I had with any of the men I was currently seeing.   

Done with my musings, fantasies, and self- chastisement.  I left the bathroom to force myself to return back to reality.  Being with White Chocolate had been like a damned vacation. I hadn’t wanted to do anything else but be delighted by him.  My phone had constantly buzzed last night, and I’d ended up turning the damned thing off 📵 after the movie.  Now, it was time to turn it back on and face the music🎼.  As my phone 📲rebooted, it flooded with messages from today and yesterday morning.  I’d deleted Charmer’s number from my phone, but I hadn’t blocked him… yet.  Hunk had left me a few messages as well, along with my mom, my sister, and one of my closest girlfriends.  It was time to face reality, I figured I was ready to check Charmer’s messages now that I’d gotten laid. There was nothing like good dick to empty a girl’s mind of the irrational emotions that came with hormones and horniness.   The first message from last night was, “is he your boyfriend?” Followed by others where Charmer got mad that I hadn’t answered him. Then today, he’d accusing me of lying to him and cheating on him. Umm, motherfucker what?  We weren’t even in a relationship.  So how could I have ever cheated? Still, other texts came where he informed me of how lame I was for ignoring him and not giving him a chance to explain shit.  Bitch Please!  I thought before I read his last message that had been sent while I’d been at brunch.  It totally caught me off guard because he’d confessed that the girl was his half-sister.  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!!!!  I needed to call in the re-enforcements for advice on how to handle this mind fucking shit storm…

I dialed up Trina with the opening, “Bitch let me tell you about this Ninja….”  Trina was my ride or die, and the first bitch in my call list for shit like this.  Everyone had a ride or die, and my crazy and dramatic friend Trina was mine. I relayed the situation with Charmer in true ratchet black girl fashion.  I finished by asking Trina, “I mean, what would you have done?” “I dunno girl? But at least now he knows he can’t just treat you like underwear. He knows he’s got to hold onto you because there are no guarantees,” said Trina.  “I don’t fucking care to waste my time with his bullshit anymore. It’s been a year of the same ole shit, I’m fed up and tired of his dumb ass. I mean, I get that black dudes are scarce since half of them are locked up and shit, but the other half be trifling, married, down low, or living with their mommas or baby mommas or some other bullshit.  Black dudes are overrated. I’m a hard working successful, independent, strong black girl, I shouldn’t have to go through all this waiting and shit for some decent black dick and affection. Why should I? When any man can offer both and more. T, we’re both a catch, and there is no reason we shouldn’t be wifed up by now. Yes, the world is harsh, but I’m starting to think that black men are the one’s keeping their own damned selves down, and not white America.  Hell, so many of us black girls have overcome the stereotypes against us, why can’t our men?” I paused my tirade. Trina was quiet and pensive as if my words had both struck home and shocked her.  Continuing on with my ramblings, I said, “Besides, it’s not like Charmer asked me to join him at the club. I didn’t even factor into his decisions about that because his lame ass didn’t bother to tell me he was going.  After a solid year of talking to this ninja back and forth, he could of at least had the decency to let me know what the fuck he was doing on a Friday night.  Especially because I’d asked him to come over the night before, and he blew me off!  And don’t get me started on the fact that he could be lying his ass off about that chick being his damned sister.”  “True that,” said Trina in agreement. “I been thought that. You should toss Charmer into the trash where he belongs.  I legit don’t know why it’s taken you so long.” Slyly Trina added, “I take it you had fun with White Chocolate then?” she asked.  I rolled my eyes knowing where this convo would lead.  “Some of his friends are a bit stuffy, but he’s cool…,” I said a little too calmly.  Trina paused, then added, “really?” Then in a lower, naughtier voice, Trina asked, “you fuck him?”  There was a long pause as I smiled to myself 😈 grateful she couldn’t see me on the other end of the line.  Trina laughed when I didn’t reply, 😂“Damned Snook! I knew something was up when I called you this morning after my pilatte’s class.   It went straight to voicemail, and that’s not like you. And now you’re seriously considering FINALLY dropping Charmer’s sorry ass.  This is epic shit!”

There was a slight pause, “did you stay the night?”   Unable to muster up a witty lie in reply, I laughed like an idiot.  “Shit! You did! didn’t you?” “It just happened ok,” I said still laughing.  “He must have been good for you to stay the night!  You’re really into him aren’t you?”  “I…., I dunno.” I lied knowing full well I was. “He’s just really nice to me, and it got to me.  I haven’t been treated like that since my ex., and he seems so damned genuine.”  “You’re not worried about the cultural differences and stuff? Like what if a song comes on and they say the N word?”  Trina asked. “He’s not stupid, he seems very aware of most cultural issues to me…, and I notice the culture stuff less and less every time we see each other.  It’s like after a while you just start to see the person and you stop seeing their race or any of the ridiculous stereotypes attached.  I still have my hang ups at times, but they are melting away as I get to know him.”  “Dang, now you got me curious about white dudes, your so gone for him….,” said Trina.  I inwardly rolled my eyes and said, “I like him, but it’s too soon to know anything for sure right now.  Things aren’t guaranteed to work out you know. It’s all still pretty fresh.” No, FUCKING him is fresh, and you’re just scared because it was the and he turned your world upside down!  As if she’d read my thoughts, Trina asked, “was it good?”  I grew flustered, then with a ridiculously girlish giggle, I said, “yes.”  “Bullshit!!!” said Trina.  “Now I’m really intrigued!”  “Whatever girl,” I said.

“For real!  You’ve convinced me to go white.  Black dudes make the interracial move on us all the damned time!  It’s about damned time for black girls to wise up and get even!” I chuckled.  “You just said any man can offer dick and more right?” she asked. I sighed, “yea I did, and I have to say that I was… pleasantly surprised that White Chocolate was able.  I wasn’t sure if he’d measure up to black dudes at first, but he proved me wrong. I guess us black girls have just been pre-programmed to think that black dudes have that Kang Dangalang 🍆in the bedroom; so we’ve looked no further.”  We both laughed like naughty schoolgirls. “You sound like you had a fun night with him girl, I’d say you need to focus on him, and leave Charmer’s sorry ass alone.  He had his fucking chance girl, and more than enough time to lock things down.  He chose not to, so it’s time to bounce. We don’t live forever Snook, and a bitch can’t waste her whole damned life waiting on a ninja to grow the fuck up.  White boys are known for being responsible and putting a ring on it quick. This white boy seems to like you, so you should stick with him.” “White boys are also known for divorcing quick as hell too,” I quipped.  She sighed and said, “But they pay their damned child support and take care of theirs.  Don’t focus on the negative Snook! You know what they say, once you go black, you never go back…, your white boy just went black, so he ain’t goin back!”  Trina laughed at her use of the overly used saying. I inwardly rolled my eyes, “how original T,” I said dryly before I chimed in, “the blacker the berry 🍓the sweeter the juice!”  We both howled with laughter.  When we sobered, I said, “maybe the sayings are true though.  He did make me promise to see him again this week.”  By spanking your ass, supplied my subconscious.  T said, “girl you’d better have said YES!  Every interracial couple I know are in lasting relationships.  Especially if they’re married!” The phone beeped, and it was Charmer’s ass on the other end.  I got off the phone with T after she gave me a line of encouragement. I hated conflict, but I took a deep breath and clicked over.  

“Glad you finally decided to stop playing games and talk,” said Charmer in a smart-ass tone.  😡“I’m not playing games Charmer, I just didn’t care to talk at the time.  Not everything happens on your time you know.” I answered in an equally smart-ass tone.  He said nothing, and I continued, “I was hanging with my homeboy all weekend, and I was having a good time.  I didn’t feel like dealing with your shit.” “My shit? I told you she was my sister,” he said. “So fucking what!  That’s beside the point; the point is that you treat me like I’m just some bitch that will always be at your beck and call.  I’m not, and we’ve been doing this back and forth shit for a year now. I’m sorry, but I’m too good to be kept on your booty call list. “Your not…,” he started, but I didn’t let him finish.  “Things were fun while they lasted, but I want and deserve more, and I’m not sure that’s what you want.” He paused for a long moment, then said, “it is what I want.” “Talk is cheap Charmer, and I’m sorry, but until I see otherwise through your actions, I’m going to have to call you on your bullshit.”  He sighed as if I was the most difficult woman in the world, but I didn’t relent. “I’m too good to be treated this way, so until you’re certain you’re ready, I’m out.”  “It’s that other ninja isn’t it?  He’s gotten to you!” Yes Charmer, another dude has gotten to me, it’s just not the one you think it is.  I thought to myself before I answered, “no, it’s not, I’m just tired of waiting for your ass to give a damned.  After all this time, I shouldn’t have to wait hours for you to reply back to my texts asking you to come over, and when it comes to the weekends, you should at least have the decency to tell me what you’re up to.  Communication is key, and you don’t communicate with me. I should be the first damned bitch in your call list!” He grew quiet, and so did I. A long moment passed, and I sighed in exasperation, “Goodbye Charmer.” Then, I hung up the phone.  Strangely, I felt nothing as I ended the call; only relief that the conflict was over. I’d made my points, and they were reasonable, justified ones. I’d cut the dead weight in my life and now I could get on with shit. Ninjas always came crawling back though, and I knew Charmer would probably see getting me back as some kind of challenge to his manhood or some shit.  Ninja’s never liked to let go of pussy, and as I put my phone on the charger, I suspected this wouldn’t be the last I heard from Charmer’s sorry ass. What would happen if he found out you were fucking a White dude?  My subconscious supplied.  Don’t even go there!

Hunk had also texted me asking if I could see the movie Deadpool with him on Tuesday night, but I wasn’t up for being his damned kissing tutor at the moment, so I didn’t reply.  I felt strangely numb and empty, but only because my mind was filled with images of green gray eyes and naughty whispering in my ear. My apartment suddenly felt stifling. I needed something to fill the void, so I left my apartment and went to the mall.  I did more window shopping than anything else, but I did stop and get a mani and pedi, 💅🏾 choosing a hot poppy red color in honor of White Chocolate’s fondness for my red romper.   Uggghhhh, why couldn’t I get him out of my damned head? Because cupid struck you with her arrow💘.  Said a small voice inside my head.  As the woman worked on my feet, I decided I wanted to reach out to White Chocolate.  Usually, I waited for him to reach out to me, but I decided we were on good enough terms now (since we’d done the deed) for me to reach out instead.  I texted, “what are you up to?” A moment later, my phone pinged. My heart jumped into my throat as I saw his text roll up on my screen. “Working out, wassup?”  I texted, “Wish I was there to grope your muscles and pinch your ass.” I smiled to myself for my flirtatiousness. He sent back a yellow smiling face with its tongue hanging out “😛.”  See now, why was this apparently too hard for Charmer to do regularly.  All I wanted was playful banter and a willing eagerness for my attentions.  Instead, I ended up feeling like Charmer’s last-minute sex chore. Looking back, I realized it was almost like he would make excuses, then decide he’d better fuck me at least once every two weeks to keep our confusing situation going.  😩Was that why my interests had shifted over to White Chocolate so abruptly? Or was it the mind scrambling dick down he’d given me that had gotten under my skin?  The dick.  Getting good dick has given you perspective…., AT LAST,  my subconscious supplied.  I internally rolled my eyes, but I had to agree with her, Dick was a powerful thing.  Wait a minute, how the fuck did White Chocolate still have energy to work out after everything we’d just done yesterday and this morning?  The man was insatiable.

My phone pinged again as the lady filed my toes down.  “What are you doing?” He asked. “Getting my feet done,” I replied.  “Dang, I wish I could suck on them,” he said. Immediately I began fantasizing about the shit even as the woman began massaging my little critters.  I texted back, “now see, it’s not good for me to have those kinds thoughts in my mind when a woman is doing my toes.” “It’s not good for me to have those thoughts at the gym around all these dudes,” he replied.  Touché I thought.  “Horny much?”  I asked. “Insatiably so, why do you think I’m at the gym?  I would have been down for another day filled with you and sex, but I didn’t want to scare you off after such a nice weekend.”  I would have been down for it too, I thought.  Gosh, I was pathetic.  Why couldn’t I stop this ridiculous girlish obsession when it came to him.   “Well, maybe we can hang out again soon,” I said.  “We are, or did you forget how you eagerly agreed to that when I leaned you over your bathroom sink?” he asked.  The dirty bastard.  “Everyone knows what people say in the heat of passion doesn’t really count,” I said dismissively.  A long moment passed, and I thought I’d cowed him until my phone pinged with a long message. “Whoever told you that is naive as fuck.  There isn’t a more truthful moment than when you are getting answers out of someone while you’re fucking them… I sensed no deception from you in the heat of passion, and from what I know of you, you’re a fairly honest person.  That means you meant every word of what you said, and so, I’ll be seeing you Wednesday.” He was so damned blunt, and demanding. Brutally honest, and unapologetically dirty. But damn if I didn’t like it.  I glanced around nervously to make sure no one saw how flustered and titillated I’d just become from our hot little cyber exchange.   The woman doing my feet seemed to be oblivious, and it was just as well because I didn’t know how to respond to White Chocolate…., I couldn’t think at the moment, so I said nothing.  My phone pinged, and he replied, “I take it from your prolonged silence that you’re in agreement, lol. Wonderful, I have meetings all day on Monday, so I’ll text you around eight when I’m done.  Have a beautiful Sunday and Monday babe.” I couldn’t muster anything more than a smiley face in reply 😊.  How pathetically lame of me.  White Chocolate had totally, utterly mind fucked me.  Once again, I was rendered speechless and floundering because of him.  It was oddly thrilling. It wasn’t every day that a dude got to me like this, at least not enough for them to fuck me, then turn around and fuck my mind too.  In a matter of a day, White Chocolate was no longer a foreign object for me to curiously explore in the same way a person explores zoo animals in a zoo. Nope! somehow, he’d transformed into the object of my obsession and affection.  But perhaps that was because as of right now, it seemed like I was the first bitch in White Chocolate’s call list, and he was the first man in mine. 📲 😍

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