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Cookie Snookie, 33

10-18-18 “Oh Shyt!!! 💩 RIGHT THUR!!! 🌟"

White Chocolate walked into the bathroom, his eyes immediately finding mine 👀. I began to feel paranoid as he seemed to sum up my disheveled state with one glance. He set the bag of whatever he’d been out buying at the sex shop on his bathroom counter and took off his shirt. My greedy gaze took him in. That body! Oh my gosh… it was good enough to eat!!!! He faced me and took off his pants. “Don’t fight anything, just let the cookie 🍪 do its magic and enjoy its high.”

How could I not, I thought as I watched him begin to harden right before my eyes. When he stood before me, he stared down at me and smirked 😏. “Now, where were we?” he said without any real wonder in his voice. “I believe the pact we made was for you to give me mind blowing head before we begin this evening’s festivities…” I said nothing. I was too afraid of sounding silly in my inebriated state. He arched a brow at my hesitance. “Backing out so soon Cookie?” he asked as he stood proudly naked before me; his dick at full salute. I giggled like a fool, and he smiled indulgently at me as I slid forward to come face to face with his one eyed monster head on. My wet hands grazed up his muscular thighs before I opened my lips 👄 to lick 👅 the glistening wetness beading at the slit on his long, pink dick. I’d probably regret this tomorrow. I never gave a guy head until things were serious between me and the guy….. then again, I had broken all the rules already with White Chocolate, what was one more? I slid my knees beneath me, then took him gently betwixt my lips 👄. I started out unhurried as I smoothly bobbed my mouth up and down slowly as he brought his hand to gently, lovingly cup the back of my head. Gosh I wanted to fuck him so bad! I was hyper aware of everything, and his dick felt incredible in my mouth… Like the smoothest shit ever!!! Smoother than a baby’s bottom!!! I fantasized about how the dick in my mouth would feel between my thighs. I was literally flying high!!! 😵

He began to moan in pleasure, heightening this most intimate of moments between us. I sucked on his balls and let my tongue drift up to the mushroom 🍄of his shaft again and again between long periods of bobbing. Wait???? How long had I been sucking his dick? I didn’t know…, it felt like a long ass time now, but then again, I felt like I could do this shit for fucking ever!!!! 🔄 Things were getting heated 🔥now… he was rock hard and I could taste the salt from the pre-cum on his throbbing dick. I knew he was close and loving every minute of this as I worked my hands and mouth up and down his shaft like it was a joystick 🕹. I was loving every moment of this. The power…., the…., utmost control over his pleasure as I took things up another notch. He cursed and pulled away from my ministrations. Between labored breaths he said, “what a wonderful surprise you are Cookie as he stepped into the tub.” I just stared at the wonder that was his magical dick as my imagination supplied all the different ways it could pleasure me. My worries over anal all but disappearing. I was beyond caring what manner of sexual thing we did. All I wanted was for it to feel good as hell. In the back of my mind I knew this had likely been White Chocolate’s plan all along, but I couldn’t find it within me to care.

As he settled down in the tub 🛁, he beckoned me forward. I crawled forward on hands and knees, and he leaned in and grabbed me around the middle, our mouths 👄came crashing against one another in a passionate kiss. Our slick bodies gliding against one another 💦 causing my nipples to harden enticingly. His hands slid down to grab my ass briefly, then slipped further down until his clever fingers found my clit. I moaned, melting into him as he found his rhythm and I settled into a straddling position over him and his hard dick. His fingers were so good, soo…. damned good that I had to break the kiss to moan out my pleasure. Soft words of encouragement escaped his lips as I arched into his eager hand to finally find my release. He pushed me over the edge and my breaths hitched as I rode high on the wave of pleasure he’d supplied me.

He let things cool 🌬down after that. Settling into the task of massaging my shoulders with a bottle of oil he’d bought from the store as I sat between his legs. “You orgasm beautifully,” he said as he rubbed all the right spots in my neck. “mmmmm…,” was all I could manage as I sat between his legs as docile as a kitten 😻. He began to caress and fondle me. Casually brushing my nipples with both soft and hard strokes. The wine was gone, and all the cherries 🍒eaten. When he began to kiss my neck, I began to squirm again. A moment later, he stopped and then slid his tongue 👅 up my neck to my ear 👂🏾where he whispered, “your ready now…” My stomach plummeted and I swear my heart 💓ratcheted up a few pulses as he bit my ear 👂🏾 gently and got out of the tub. He reached for something in his “bag of tricks,” that contained the stuff he’d gotten from the sex store and turned to face me holding an object that was shaped like an ace of spades ♠. It was a butt plug. As I stared at the butt plug, he watched me as he coated the thick thing with lube. Concern must have been etched on my face because he repeated, “I’ll be gentle, and we’ll go slow,” as he moved to rejoin me in the tub blurting the command for me to, “sit up and lift that sexy ass 🍑of yours in the air.” I moved without hesitation because…, let’s face it, at this point, all I wanted was for him to keep on with his intimate attentions. “I’m nervous,” I managed to say… “I know, but I’ve got you love. It’s going to feel really really good…, I promise. For some reason, that eased all my angst.

I felt the tip at the entrance and he slowly pushed forward. “You’ll feel a little pressure here,” he stated, and I gasped at the twinge the resistance provided. Determination caused me to grit my teeth as he applied even more pressure, and then all at once it pushed past the threshold in a slippery rush. I jerked at the sensation. It felt like taking a shit in reverse. “It’s in,” he said as he removed his hand from the plug. “That’s it for now.” “Really?” I asked as I adjusted to the sensation of the butt plug resting neatly inside me. “Really,” he said. Not knowing what to do, I slowly turned to face him. Feeling the plug the entire way. I felt soooo… whorish, but in a slut-tastick, filthy kind of way. “Your body needs to adjust for a while. You’re not used to being stretched down there and if I took your ass now without doing this first, it wouldn’t be very pleasurable…., even though I’m eager to take your anal virginity, I won’t do it at the cost of your own pleasure. We’ll fool around in other ways in the meantime. This is just what I had planned to do to you if we ended up not going all the way tonight.” Not knowing how to sit, I sat on my knees as I halfway listened to him. He got out of the tub and my eyes helplessly dropped down to the hard dick I’d just sucked. He caught my gaze and feigned stroking his dick as he said, “all in good time Cookie. 🍪” I giggled goofily again, and he smiled. “I’m going to get some more wine and fruit. I’ll be right back.” As he left the room, he stopped at his “bag of tricks” along the way. He’d retrieved something, but I didn’t know what it was.

When he returned with the goods, and we’d both taken a healthy swig of the wine, he said, “come here…” I did as he’d instructed feeling the plug nestled inside me the whole way. My body was more used to this new sensation now. “You should be able to sit on your ass, the plug is all the way in.” I giggled uncontrollably because the cookie made me, “how do you fucking know?” I asked. He gave me a knowing look as a result of my fit of giggles. “I technically do not know, but the bottom of the plug is flat. It doesn’t take a genius to know that it is designed that way for the purpose of allowing people to sit down while it’s shoved firmly up their ass. It’s engineering 101.” And there went his smart ass mouth again… I supposed he would never have a filter when it came to me. It was both shocking and refreshing. Figuring he was probably right about the butt plug since he was in engineering, and he’d also performed anal on people before, I sat down gently on my ass without further complaint. He turned the hot water on order to to warm the now lukewarm water and offered me another cherry 🍒. As I savored the taste of the juicy berry bursting on my tongue 😝 like no other cherry had done before, I felt a buzz, buzz, buzz, and nearly choked on the seed. “What the hell!” I cried sitting up and turning around to face him.

He laughed, and I don’t mean just a regular laugh…, it was a full out belly laugh 😆complete with his head thrown back. Damn, he looked so adorably boyish when he laughed. I couldn’t help but be amused. In the past I’d seen a wide range of emotions from him, but this was the first time I’d ever seen him so care free. It was so intriguing I couldn’t help but join him in laughter 😆. When we’d finally settled down, he said, “relax…, the butt plug is a vibrator. I thought it would be fun to surprise you with it.” “Well, I am surprised, I feel totally electrified now thanks to you.” “You’re totally baked too…, 🍞” he smirked flashing his dimples. I rolled my eyes 🙄, and completing the motion seemed like it took forever to complete, and I swear it made me a little off balance. He must have noticed because he said, “drink some water so you don’t get too dehydrated.” I followed instructions, and after I sat down between his leg against, he turned the vibrator on again. His dick had softened, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long. Moments later the butt plug vibrator, his incredible fingers, his lips on my back, and his hard dick pressed up against my lower back had me feeling READY TO GET MY FUCKING FUCK ON!!!!!!!! We were both panting and he said, “let’s take the edge off first, and then we’ll get to the taking your virginity part…” he said as he flicked up the drainage switch and turned off the jets.

He stepped out of the tub, my greedy eyes 👀 following his slick bobbing dick as the water sluiced off it. I was practically salivating as he helped me out of the tub, and then reached down for our glasses of wine. “Chug the whole thing,” he instructed. Without objection, I did as he asked…, it had come to this…. - me mindlessly obeying his every wish without objection. It was just…., too damned hard to think for myself now…, and much easier to just let him do all the work, and all the thinking. He took my glass from my hand and dried me off before slipping the towel around his shoulders and dropping to his knees. I was puzzled momentarily until he backed me up against the wall and hitched up my leg. I gasped over the buzzing of the vibrator as his hot mouth found my aching clit. I moaned in delight and gripped his hair tight as he flicked his tongue 😝wetly over my bundle of nerves. It felt incredible as his tongue slowly drug up and over my aching nub. He moaned, and I noticed him stroking himself as I gripped his hair tighter. The vibrator in my ass 🍑suddenly sped up!!! Hot motherfucking Damn!!!! Everything this blessed white boy did was sexy as fuck!!!! I cried out in pleasure as the beginnings of another orgasm came on stronger than ever. Shit!!! I was so horny for this man to fuck me! Like a damned bitch in heat!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥He must have sensed I was about to cum because he moved away and got to his feet. He didn’t bother to finish drying off. He just grabbed my hand and immediately led me to the bed.

Since his bed was raised, I used the step stool to get up onto the bed, and a second later, he pushed my face down into the sheets and entered me vaginally. He was relentless. Pistoning into me like a devil 👿. He never let up, and I creamed ALLLLLLLLL over him like the slutty woman I was. The sensations were unbelievable. Being filled in every way imaginable was unbelievable…, and the thought that he was likely enjoying the vibrations from the vibrator too was a major turn on. I’d been missing out this entire time!!! He slapped 👋my ass hard, and I snapped back to attention as he drilled into me like I was the best fuck he’d ever had. When I could feel his dick harden even more inside me, I knew he was about to cum. I was almost sad the pleasure was about to end as I rasped out…. Don’t Stop! 🚫Don’t Stop! 🚫Don’t Stop! 🚫. As he continued to pound into me; slapping my ass anew, I was about to cum again. His dick was so good and hard now, and I was literally flying high. It seemed he was too because his breathing grew labored. Then, as I cried out my pleasure again; he sped up even more. Right as my orgasm began, he abruptly yanked out the butt plug and groaned as he came inside me. “What the fuck!!!!” I called out in breathless bliss so all his neighbors could hear.

When we’d caught our breath, he rolled off the bed and returned with more wine. I laughed when he offered it to me… “You trying to make sure I don’t go to work aren’t you?” I asked. A sly smile came across his face as he said, “so what if I am..., who wouldn’t want to spend the day with you?” I rolled my 🙄 eyes and drank the wine. It was so hot 🔥in the room after that bath that anything cool to drink was welcome. It wasn’t long until I felt the buzz of the wine and the cookie again, and I knew that was likely what he’d intended. Alcohol always enhanced edible highs. “I just wanted us to take the edge off first,” he called from the bathroom. As I marveled at how obliviously sated, yet empty I felt now that the butt plug and his dick were gone. I heard the shower start, and as he returned he said, “anal feels good, but when your horny, sex is the best thing to scratch the itch.” “I see,” I said dead pan as I took another gulp of the chilled wine. He flashed his dimple at me, then jerked his head in the direction of the bathroom. “Come one sexy, let me take you on the hottest ride your ass 🍑 will ever go on….” I laughed nervously.

Before we entered the shower, I had to explain that I was wrapping up my hair with a plastic bag, and the black girl reasons why. I didn’t care if it wasn’t sexy, there was just no way I would deal with my hair TONIGHT DAMNED IT!!! He brought the lube in with him along with a vibrator for my clit; explaining that the lube was silicone based, what that meant, and why it was good for anal sex. I took everything in stride, and as I bent over and looked over my shoulder at him, I marveled at exponentially good the water felt pouncing off my back, he bent and began to eat my ass. I jolted in surprise and squirmed uncomfortably away. He laughed and pulled away. “Still being a prude Cookie 🍪?” I blushed 😳and said, “It’s just gross to me.” Don’t you realize I shit out of there???? 💩 “You’ll get used to it trust me, because I’ll be doing it again….” He pulled away then and I looked over my shoulder to witness him lubing up the dick I couldn’t resist sucking off right before this shower. I frowned at the amount of lube and asked, “Why so much?” “Because it’s your first time, and I have lube to spare. If this washes away, I’ll just get some more. I have a whole other bottle…. Now psyching yourself out…. Relax and breathe, if you tighten up, it’ll hurt. Breathe out cookie 🍪.” As I did so, I could sense him coming closer. “Again!” he insisted, but this time as I breathed out, he began to enter me. It felt much the same as the butt plug except he was a little softer. I knew he was much, much longer than the butt plug, and it worried me a little. “Stop holding your breath,” he calmly said as he continued to push inside me. I forced myself to continue breathing until finally, he breached the threshold, and slid all the way in. We both paused, and I breathed a sigh of relief. He spoke words of encouragement as I adjusted to the feel of him. Leaning over me, he played with my nipples and kissed my shoulder blade as he held still. I continued to try and stay relaxed and I enjoyed the erotic feeling of being full again as the shower continued to cascade over both of us. There was no smell, only sensation. He kissed 😘up to my neck and when I melted into him, and his deep voice whispered, “virgin no more” as he began to thrust lightly.

“Fuck your tight as hell,” he gritted out. He slid his hands down from my breast until they rested on my waist, and he continued to thrust in and out carefully until he had worked up to full thrusts, and a decent pace. I held the vibrator on my clit, and even though it was a different type of pleasure, I had already orgasmed once. He kept up the thrusting. Gliding smoothly in and out of me. We’d turned off the shower, and the room was filled with my moans and his grunts. The candles 🕯and music 🎶 adding to the sensuality of the moment, and making me feel like the most coveted, sexiest, freakiest piece of ass on the planet. I realized that just being filled in every way had its own appeal. I couldn’t believe that I was actually enjoying this filthy shit. He pulled out when he climaxed, and with everything still being the biggest blur of pleasure I’d ever experienced in my life, we both tumbled into bed 🛏.

I jerked awake delirious. A calm, sleepy voice said, “relax, I’ve got you… you’re at my house…” I breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at the clock ⏰. 4:00 a.m. “Where’s my phone?” 📱I croaked. “I got up a few hours ago and put it on the charger for you after you fell asleep. It’s over there.” I slipped out of bed and found my phone. Two messages from Charmer’s ass and one from Hunk. Damn, I hoped White Chocolate hadn’t seen them, I thought. My mind still fuzzy from the night’s festivities. I unlocked my phone and texted my boss that I wasn’t feeling well and needed to stay home. I knew it would be believable since it was the middle of the night. I dropped my phone and climbed back into bed 🛏still feeling disoriented from the cookie 🍪. White chocolate pulled me into him and cuddled around me. I instantly fell back asleep.

THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP…… BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ….. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP….. BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ. I started. Coming awake just in time to see White Chocolate’s naked ass stumbling out of the bed and nearly falling on his ass as he headed for the door, and then stop to grab a pair of boxers along the way as he seemed to remember himself and hastily dress. Still wanting to sleep, I closed my eyes and listened as he hurried to the door cursing the whole way. I heard him open the door, and speak to another male voice before he quickly came back into the room, opened a drawer, and retrieve his glasses. As he put on his glasses 👓, I opened my eyes, taking note that it was bright as hell ☀outside now. How could it be morning already? His sleepy gaze found mine as he put on his glasses and said, “stay here, I’ll be back in a second.” Who the hell was at his door this early? I wondered as a quick glance at the clock ⏰told me it was around 10:00 a.m. I slipped out of bed, my ass a touch tender, but in an almost pleasant way…, like sore bodies were after a tough workout. I slipped on a big t-shirt and a pair of his boxers from his drawer’s stash before going to my phone. I checked the message, one of which was from my boss telling me to take it easy and get better. I could hear a muffled discussion in the other room, but I couldn’t hear what was being said because someone had turned on the t.v. . White Chocolate returned a moment later. He was adorable with his hair all over his head, and only his boxers and glasses on.

His eyes found mine and he said, “sorry about that, it’s my brother, he’s going through a divorce and needs a place to crash until he sobers.” He partied that hard on a damned Wednesday night? I wondered. My internal question must have been written on my face because he said, “he’s been in town for a conference and didn’t want to make a scene returning to the host hotel🏨 where his colleagues are staying. So, he’s unfortunately crashing here 😴until his flight ✈tonight. I’m going to have to get his shit from the hotel for him and bring it here. “You still going into work?” He asked with a yawn. “No, I called off already.” “Cool,” he said with a hint of surprise and delight before he ran a hand through his matted hair self-consciously. “I knew you were lying and playing hard to get when I asked you if you had to go to work today…, Guess I’ll order us all breakfast…” 🍳. I rolled my eyes 🙄and then he said in all seriousness, “I’m sorry about my brother popping up on us. He’s just going through some tough shit right now.” “It’s ok,” I said. “Is he older or younger?” I asked. “Older,” he said as he went into the bathroom. “…though he’s not acting like it at the moment,” he said almost imperceptibly.

He began to gather up all the sex toys we’d left lying around, and I climbed back into bed; watching him. “My brother’s an attorney, and he’s in town for one of those continuing legal classes lawyers have to take to keep their license. The lawyers always get trashed every night, and since it was the last night he’d be in town for the conference, I guess my brother decided to do the most.” “Are you two close?” I asked. “Yea, but we don’t talk as much since he got married and had kids…, he’s so busy now with his dad duties and stuff.” Finished cleaning the bathroom, he began to dress and brush his teeth. “You can stay here and relax as long as you want. My brother will probably pass out soon if he hasn’t already. I’ll ordered us three classic breakfasts, so it’ll deliver in a bit. Just listen for the door.” “Where are you going again?” I asked still sleepy and confused. “I’m going to the hotel to get my brother’s shit before check out. You can come with me if you want, or if your uncomfortable being here alone with my brother. But he shouldn’t bother you.” I glanced at the clock; it was 10:30 a.m., and I really didn’t feel like rushing out of the house. “No thanks, I’ll stay here,” I said burrowing under the covers. He glanced adoringly at me and smiled. I’ll pick up Starbucks ☕on my way back. Lord knows we both need the chemical help this morning. Just text me what you want. “Ughhh…, I just want to be lazy all day,” I pouted. “Me too,” he said coming to stand over me as his face grew serious and he asked, “how do you feel?” I assessed myself for the first time and realized I felt just fine. More sated than I’ve ever felt. My muscles were sore in all the right places, and being filled in every way imaginable made me feel like my body had finally been conquered in the best of ways. “I feel good,” I said. He smiled, 😆 his eyes crinkling at the sides. “Good, hopefully I’ve fucked all the doubt you’ve had about anal right out of you,” he said as he moved in to kiss me full on the lips😘. I had no words for this man. I supposed he would always be scandalous. It was just who he was. The only thing I could do was accept it without hesitation. Apparently, being scandalized was something I liked because without protest, I slipped my hands around his neck as we devoured one another. Things quickly heated up, and his hand slipped beneath my borrowed shirt.

We both froze when the door burst opened. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I DIDN’T KNOW MY BABY BRO GOT HIM SOME POONANNAY LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!” He broke the kiss, and as I stared up at him, I watched as annoyance, 😒then anger 😡flashed over White Chocolate’s face as he broke away and slipped his hand from beneath my shirt to face his brother. They were both similar looking, with and their faces showing their familial resemblance, but Leon was brawnier, shorter, and slightly heavier in stature. He was also clean shaven, and had slightly bloodshot, piercing blue eyes that were staring the two of us down with unfocused intrigue. “Wait till I tell mom,” he slurred as I prayed for the floor to devour me. “Get the fuck out Leon!” Thundered White Chocolate. Leon didn’t budge, instead, he swayed on his feet and said, “I wondered who you were talking to in here...” His drunken gaze found mine and he smirked. “She’s pretty fucking hot! Where’d you pick up this hunk of brown sugar?” White Chocolate strode over to Leon and muscled him out of the room. Closing the door🚪 behind him. There was muffled arguing outside the door, and I thought I heard another scuffle take place before things got quiet and White Chocolate returned. I scoffed and said, “he’s a character.” “Sorry about that, I’m uhhhh, you’re not….,” he blushed 😳and sighed; started over. My brows rose in shock. I didn’t think there was anything that could fluster White Chocolate. “Just don’t pay attention to my brother or anything else he says right now. He’s pretty trashed.” As he stood there embarrassed, I twisted my lips to keep from laughing as he said, “I was going to tell him about you first before I left, but the asshole just barged in. Putting on a pair of slides he said, “I gotta get out of here before I miss his check out time…, make yourself at home love…” He strode over and gave me another kiss 😘, and I stared at his sexy ass as he went out the door.

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