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Cookie Snookie, 33

02-11-19 “💓Heart palpitations 💓"

Minutes after White Chocolate left, and I got bored of trying to find something decent to watch on t.v. 📺, I went into the kitchen to grab something to drink. I poured some water, but since I was hung over, it tasted like shit. So I went in for some juice. “Pour me shuum,” said Leon in a slurred voice from the couch. “Please???” I corrected.

Being hung over made me irritated as hell. “Yea, sorry,” he said, and I decided that since he sounded sincere, I would oblige him. I drained my glass and poured another, then poured his. I walked over and held out the glass. He took it, and I noticed the ring on his hand. So, he was still married then… He stared at me as he drank the raspberry lemonade. When he finished, he raised a brow and said, “so, you and my brother?” Uncomfortable with his line of questioning, but unwilling to show it. I dawned my usual armor- sarcasm, and black girl attitude. A deadly mixture. Bluntly I replied, “yes, we know each other.” I said sharply. He gave me a slow smile as his out of focus gaze appraised me. I was standing awkwardly in front of him clad in White Chocolate’s t-shirt and boxers with a messy top bun. “Riiiiightttt…,” he said in a disbelieving tone. “I remember he told me he was seeing someone. The only thing is, I just didn’t know you were….” “What?” I cut him off raising a brow and silently daring the asshole to continue.

He laughed drunkenly and I stared at him as if he’d grown horns 👹. I crossed my arms over my braless chest. Unphased, Leon smiled, flashing dimples identical to White Chocolates as he said, “your pretty. I… didn’t know my brother was into black women.” He took a sip of his juice, then continued, “his ex-fiancé was white. But, I guess there’s a first time for everything.” Into black women? Ex fiancé? What the fuck! 😱I thought, instantly wanting to grill Leon on this ex-fiancé, but knowing it would be tacky of me. I didn’t want to appear insecure in front of White Chocolate’s older brother. White Chocolate had said they were pretty close, and I didn’t want to screw anything up. “Sorry I crashed the party,” he said as he set his empty glass down and laid down; reaching for the blanket in the process. “Thank you for the compliment, and its ok,” I said politely even as my mind reeled. “Hey, I’m pretty afraid to pass out, I’m dizzy as hell, and my stomach is pretty pissed about all the drinks I had tonight.” 🤢“Here,” I said as I turned and went to the cabinet beneath the sink to get him a plastic bag. He stared at me as he took the bag. “I can see why he likes you…” At my raised brow, he lifted his hands in a drunken attempt at a placating gesture and said, “hey, I’ve always been the one who walked on the wild side when it comes to women; not my brother. White Chocolate’s always been more boring…, at least that’s what I used to think…,” he frowned and said, “I’m going through some tough times with the Misses, so I haven’t had a chance to talk to him much about anything else. Damn…,” his eyes grew distant as if he were thinking about his wife at that moment. “She wants to be fuckin’ separated from me,” he said. And just like that, the bastard was getting waaay too personal. “I’m sorry about that,” I said evasively. “I hope it gets better,” I added for good measure before I abruptly turned and left for the bedroom. The last thing I wanted to do was be stuck consoling a guy as he drunkenly told me his cry story. 😢

“Wait! You should know that if my brother is trusting you to be here when he’s not, it says a lot…” “We’ll see,” I said annoyed with him. I closed the bedroom door behind me and went to retrieve my phone 📱. I saw that I had three missed calls from White Chocolate. When I called him back, he asked, “everything alright?” “Yea, I just went to get some juice, and I talked to your brother a bit.” “Shit, he’s still up?” “Yea, I said with a slight laugh. He said he wasn’t feeling too hot so I gave him a trash bag to throw up in.” White Chocolate sighed in exasperation. “I’m on my way back, I don’t want you having to look after him. Text me what you want from Starbucks.” “Ok,” I said.

I texted White Chocolate that I wanted a huge iced chai tea latte with almond milk ☕before I settled down to comb through the text messages and e-mails for the day. Charmer had texted asking where I’d stayed the night. “What the fuck nigga, now you stalking me?” I ignored Charmer and went straight to Hunk’s text messages. I wanted to cancel things for the night, but I needed to finish this shit with Hunk so I could move on to bigger and better. I began to flirt with Hunk, then I started the dirty talk, and as the conversation heated up, all I could do was think about last night and how delightfully filthy I’d been with White Chocolate. It was super refreshing that he encouraged and embraced my wild, more adventurous side instead of trying to make me quash it. My mind flashed to last night, and my favorite parts about it…. How his slippery wet body had felt against mine, the soft caresses against my clit, the way I’d arched into him as he’d made goosebumps come across my damp chest each time he’d flicked my nipples. How my body had quivered against his as I’d cum. I’d loved the way his dick looked erect. It was long, strait, and bobbing for my hot mouth to tease. My phone pinged, drawing my attention back to the present. It was Hunk, and although it was a chore for me, I kept up the dirty talk with him, telling him what I wanted to do to him tonight so I could execute my revenge tonight. The doorbell rang, and I retrieved breakfast. White Chocolate’s brother was passed out with CNN blaring in the background. When I got back to the bedroom, Hunk had texted me back. The bastard was all in. I’d told the son of a bitch I was curious about how he was in bed, and had him eating out of the palm of my hand. We talked about our favorite positions for a moment, with me lying my ass off about everything. I told him I was so horny and ready to take things further with him tonight at his place. He texted back that he was all in…, and I inwardly smiled with glee. It looked like step one of my evil plan was in motion! As I set my phone down, I heard retching in the other room. “Fuck!”

White Chocolate returned with the coffee just as I was finishing up helping Leon clean up the last of his throw up off the ground much to his chagrin 😰. When I’d gone to take a shower, White Chocolate seemed pretty pissed off at his brother. When I returned dressed in my work clothes, Leon was silently eating breakfast and eyeing the two of us with more focused interest than he’d been capable of earlier. It looked like throwing up had allowed Leon to sober a little, and I certainly wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with having any additional scrutiny at the moment.

When we finished eating the delicious breakfast, White Chocolate told Leon to get his shit together and take a shower because he “smelled like shit.” We left so that White Chocolate could drive me back to my vehicle. When we were in White Chocolate’s sports car, he again apologized for his brother and I decided to ask the question of the hour. “So, you were engaged before?” He stiffened and said, “fucking Leon and his big ass mouth. What did he tell you?” “Just that you were engaged and the girl wasn’t black.” I replied calmly. He sighed in exasperation as we left the parking garage. “I was engaged, yes. It didn’t work out, and my brother’s one to talk about race. His wife is black. Cute doesn’t have a color last time I checked.” I was speechless about what he’d just revealed about Leon. With his geeky swag and crumpled business suit, I would have never guessed Leon would have a black wife. Quickly I shook my surprise off and got back to the important stuff. “Why didn’t things work out with you and your ex?” I asked. “If I tell you, you have to tell me why so many guys are texting you late at night while you’re with me.” My heart squeezed 💓at his revelation and my face burned 😳with embarrassment. Would he end things with me because he’d found out? I swallowed thickly before I carefully said, “ok, I will” in as calm a voice as I could manage. Without delay, White Chocolate said, “I didn’t want you to find out like this, but the reason I am no longer engaged is because she cheated on me. I caught her in the act because I came home early from being a broad for work to try and surprise her. She always said she hated that I traveled so much for work, and I was trying to make things up to her. I had worked hard to finish up my assigned project early so that I could come home early. I had a key 🔑to her place and I let myself in to put flowers in her apartment and set things up romantically for the evening. Imagine my surprise when instead of finding her place empty, I found her getting fucked by some dude on her lunch break 🙊.” He paused then added, “so you can see why I’d be a little bothered if someone I was seeing wasn’t being up front about things.”

I blew out the breath I was holding and said, “I’m sorry she did that to you.” “Yea, well it took a long time to get over. The guy she’d been fucking went to school with me and knew we were together. We’re in the same profession, so I still have to see the fucker on occasion. It took time, but the shit’s been over for over a year now, and I’ve moved on.” Without missing a breath, he added, “you can answer my question now.” Damn!!! He wasn’t going to let it go. Taking a breath, I confessed, “I have no feelings for any of the guys anymore. I just haven’t found the right way to end things with one of the guys….” I hesitated, then decided I might as well come clean completely. “I told you everything was happening so fast between us. 🔥🔥🔥 I was totally caught off guard by you. One of the guys that I’d been with for a while did me dirty, and I realized after you and I hit it off that what I’d thought I had with him was nothing in comparison. The other guy was just an asshole who was trying to have his cake 🍰and eat it too. I found out he just got engaged not too long ago. He doesn’t know that I know though. I found out on Facebook, and him being the asshole that he is, he decided to continue his relationship with me regardless. He’s a complete asshole.” For whatever reason, I got emotional and had to stop talking to pull myself together. The emotional cycle of being a single woman all came crashing down on me in one big emotional wave 🌊. White Chocolate remained quiet and stoic as we cruised down the street. “Everything between us has been so incredible, I just didn’t want to mess it up or hurt you. I hope seeing those text messages on my phone last night didn’t make you second guess our relationship. I have done nothing with any of the guys since we became serious, and now that you’ve told me all that went down with your ex-fiancé… Well, I feel like shit for not being a stand-up woman with you from the beginning.” I sighed. “I know it’s ridiculous, but, yesterday when you were on the phone with that lady for work, I was jealous until I realized it was a work call. Feeling like that was such an eye opener for me. But I didn’t want to tell you because then you would know I’d caught feelings, and I didn’t want you to hold that against me.” I took a deep breath and looked out the window. “Please know that I plan to get rid of all my stupid ass side baggage. I’ve been single for over a year now. It’s a lonely life. So lonely that I’ve occasionally settled for losers just so I can feel close to someone. Even if only for a short time.”

It was quiet for a long time after I bared my soul to him. I was so sure I was about to get dumped 💔, and when he pulled up to my car, my heart squeezed 💓in anticipation. He put the car in drive and I saw him turn to face me from the corner of my eye. I was staring down at my manicured hands 💅🏾when he reached over and turned my chin to face him. There was a sincerity in his expression that I hadn’t seen before. “Finally,” he said with a slight smile gracing his lips. “Finally, you’re comfortable enough to be real with me.” His thumb caressed my lips and he moved in for a kiss. What the hell?!? He pulled away and stared at me. “I really do care about you Cookie. I know you’ve been through a lot romantically. I have too, and I know this is all happening really fast, but today you finally let me know what’s going on in that brilliant brain of yours. I’m not an idiot, I know someone as gorgeous as you would have other guys around. It’s just the way shit is, especially at our age. Like I said, I just didn’t know if you were into me enough to let me be completely in your life.” “What do you think now?” I asked as I stared into his gorgeous eyes. He was so sexy even though he hadn’t bothered to do much to make himself presentable with his dark hair uncombed, dark rimmed glasses, dark track pants, and nondescript black shirt.

He gave me a sexy smile. “Now, I know your totally into me!” I laughed, and his smile deepened so that his dimples showed. Gosh, I was such a gonner for him. “I thought you were going to break up with me,” I decided to confess. “Why would I do something like that?” he asked. “Because I told you I was seeing other guys behind your back.” He shrugged and said, “you said you were trying to break things off from the jerks.” “Yea, well, one of them is acting like a creeper,” I said calmly. He rubbed his neck and shoulders and said, “want me to follow you to your home to make sure you make it ok.” “You don’t have to do that, I should be fine. I can handle him, he’s just mad I dropped his ass.” I smiled and said, “tonight I’ll be kicking the other one in the balls, you want to meet up after?” I asked. He smirked and said, “sure, that’ll give me enough time to finish babysitting my older brother.” Our eyes locked, and he moved in to kiss me on the lips again, then again, and again. When he pulled away, he asked, “how do you feel? You aren’t tender or anything are you?” Sheepishly I said, “a little, but it’s not bad or anything.” “From what I’ve read and been told, it usually goes away within a day or so. Let me know when you make it home, and I’ll stay at your place tonight if you want. That is…, if my brother didn’t run you off.” He grimaced with distaste 😣. I laughed and said, “he didn’t, I knew he was drunk. You two look alike with your dimples and dark hair.” He smirked and said, “he only wishes he was as smooth as me.” I laughed and said, “I’ll see you later handsome.” He beamed as I made my exit.

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