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Chanel Rey, 33

7-10-18 "Sexlessness"

Have you ever used a guy to get what you want? I think we are ALL guilty of at having done this at some point in our lives. Guys do it all the time when you think about it. They use their smooth ways to try to get the pu$$y, so why not reverse things and toy with them a little😏. Now Ladies, yes...some women DO take this a little TOO far. We see it every day on social media and what not. For me I would get a feel for him, learn his wants, needs, and what attracted him so much to me. Then, I would use it to play him right back before he played me by trying to hit and quit it.

I met this guy going on 3 years ago from now. It was a Tuesday and my close friend had drug me out of the house, as she knew I had been over the whole weekday clubbing thing???. Hell. I had to be at work in the early morning. We entered Aurum lounge and paroozed around to peep the scene, and boy was it DEAD💀, There was literally like 8 people there. We headed to the bar and decided we would have one drink, to catch up. After we finished, she asked if I wanted to head to this other spot called Halo, since her boy was working the door. I'm looking like GIRL😫 not really, but she talks me into it. As we are leaving, a guy shouts from across the parking lot asking me to come here, I ignore and hop in her car and we're off to the next spot. It was TOO damn dark in that parking lot to be walking over to a stranger, BOY BYE!

We get to the next spot and Wow this is where everyone was I tell myself. This spot is JUMPIN and the DJ is bangin! We proceeded down the narrow path to the bar to order a hookah. One guy approaches and is talking my ear off, so I tell him that I am parched so that I can at least get a drink out of this. You have to be careful because ninjas will really try to hold you hostage and make claims on you the whole night😂😩. Next thing I know, this guy slides over by me as soon as he saw an open opportunity. I check out his swag with a quick head to toe glance...he's not really my type, but let's hear his game. He's slightly under 6'0ft, wearing a brim hat, has a nice cologne smell, has dark cocoa skin, and sports a small beard.

He introduces himself...

Him: (laughs) Hi, I'm (insert his name here). I saw you at Aurum in the parking lot. My boy and I went in and it was whack, so we came here. This is my homeboy. He's in town from Cali. (in his African accent)

Me: LMBO that was you!?! Now you should know a Lady isn’t going to walk across a dark parking lot to a holler. Where are you from?

Him: My apologies, I just saw you and knew I had to speak. I want to get to know you. I'm from Zimbabwe but moved to Atlanta from Cali.

Me: Did you follow us here Mr. Zimbabwe?...

Him: Haha no we went in once y'all left and I guess it's God because this is actually my first-time hearing of this spot. Let me get yall a drink.

Him to the bartender: Put their hookah on my tab as well and whatever they are having.

Me: Why thank you sir!

Me to my homegirl: (winking)

I began to dance as I have my drink in my hand in the air, this was my JAM. He's staring at me as I begin to do my version of a dirty whine, watching me in my long sleeve green crop and tight blue jeans He joins in and starts doing his thang beside me and we are all just having an effing BALL. His homie was trying to get with my friend, but she was really just taking one for the team because she was SO NOT interested, lol. Conversation and laughs are flowing naturally. Although he isn't my type, I'm loving his personality. He starts complimenting me and saying how cool and dope I was. It's funny how people judge a book by its cover, Men always think I'll act stank or stuck-up when approached. Jokes on them I guess...

As we passed the hookah and drinks flowed, he began telling me that he is going to Las Vegas next month and wants me to come. As much as he has gassed up how he and his boys do it up in Las Vegas and that they go all the time, I'm like hell that would be fun. I push my limits by asking If I can bring a friend, since I don't know him like that. He says yea let's do it! At this point I am a little geeked about it, since my last and also first trip to Vegas was a nightmare. I tell him that story and he's like hell nah, we DEFINITELY have to re-do Vegas the RIGHT way.

Zimbabwe, would take me out on dates weekly and we'd have great conversations where I'd get to pick that intelligent mind of his. We'd go to fancy 5-star restaurants, you know, the kind that have the finest wine and juiciest steaks. I was getting used to this treatment along with the lavish gifts🎁. He was spoiling me rotten. I began to figure him out, he just started off really enjoying time with me and let me be his arm candy. He'd take me on little shopping sprees here and there; or would surprise me with a new designer bags, shoes, money, trips. I was loving it! The situationship that we had with each other was so simple. He wasn’t blowing my line up every day, all he’d do was reach out when he wanted to set up a date to see me.

Things between us started off fine and dandy with no pressure, but of course as time progressed he began trying me at the end of dates. I'd politely reject him and had to start using the I'm saving myself for marriage speech. This only worked for a few months before he'd try me again. I began to get irritated by him on his drinking nights and his tantrums. The interesting thing about having a "sponsor" or "suga daddy" or whatever you want to call it is that they'll try to cut you off when they don’t get their way. My way of getting back at him once I noticed my worth, was to just play it cool as if I didn't care. This ALWAYS worked, it amazed me LOL. I'd tell myself "He's such a dumbass", then, he'd always come back every time. I was like this ninja must be bipolar, I'm so convinced as of today that he is.

So, once again he just told me to lose his number and threw a temper tantrum out of nowhere after our date this past week. Like so annoying!!! My friends would always ask why I don't just be with him, and I have to remind them of his African possessive and aggressiveness; along with mood swings and I'm like hell nah I'm good luv. The icing on the cake as to why I'm OH SO GOOD on ever taking him seriously, is because my other friend who was talking seriously to his homeboy, found out they were both married via Snapchat. After two years of knowing him, she calls me up and has me check her snapchat and then Google it. She was torn after finding out about her guy because she had really fallen for him. I was shocked andI laughed once I seen the shit about Zimbabwe. This ninja LIED and told me he was going on a trip with his Brother and friends. I looked at her Snapchat and he was having a WHOLE wedding in Cali, like WOW wtf!!!! Who does that??? I waited to call him out on it till we were face to face on a date. He denied it and when I pulled up pictures, he went on to say that I didn't understand. He basically tried to say some bullshit around needing to do it for some kind of papers, but I didn't buy it. He'd been in the States for years now. I also found it odd that after all this time, I did not know where he lived. He knows where I live because he picks me up and drops me off for dates. I've never had to invite him in because I'd throw out there I've never even been in or to your crib.

Over all this time, my pimp game has remained strong even though we've remained just friends, but the old married ass will still test me every now but then, I'll cuss his ass out. He gets angry but I don’t give a flying fuck! This is the reason why he has yet to get this poonahney😏🙅, like NOPE. That ninja would be even more cray and he’ll think he's obligated to get it EVERYTIME, or he may even try to cut me off after getting it. This game that I've been playing with him for almost 3 years now has worked in my favor; which is why I never gave up the pu$$y. I will admit he has slowed down with the gifts, it's more so only holidays or special occasions, but he'll still give a lil money here and there and take me out to eat. He also gives AMAZING financial advice. After this last incident where he blew up at me over the phone though, and we took a “cool down break”, I decided that it may be the time that I need to let this little birdy finally stay gone. I don’t like the feeling of someone acting as though you NEED them more than they do you, because I don’t need him for shit. I just enjoyed the power of getting what I wanted out of a man without giving him anything in exchange for a change...

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Aug 13, 2018

Can't wait to Sip on the new fresh tea girl lol.Its never to late for the Master Plan lmao.if u ever happen to link up again with him just teach his ass a one time life lesson lol.till then we will be sipping on the fresh tea


@chanclark102 Thanks so much!!! Glad to her i'm not alone out hear too! Girl i have some new tea to catch you all up on. Sit tight, i'll be posting this week. Trying to see where to even begin! LOBO girl great Master Plan, i'm a little too late though. Will have to fill you in on how that ended with him.smh


Jul 11, 2018

Girl your stories are a joy to read and thanks for sharing. Its  crazy and funny but I can relate to the SEXLESSNESS POST because I was in similar situation. Is he a good guy?. If so I would keep the friendship for benefits. This might sound evil but I will let him sample the good       punany once  so it fucks up his mind and just sit back and watch him go crazy LMBO.

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