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Lexi Nikols, 40

6-24-18 Mood: Condo Views

What’s better than a work from home day mid-week? …a work from HIS home day mid-week. Zaddy 😊 I’m sitting up on the 19th floor overlooking all of Buckhead from his light-flooded room with floor-to-ceiling windows built into nearly every wall. In his California King bed, I’m comfortably naked with his remote to the 65” curved 4K Smart TV by my thigh as I’m running a few reports and responding to emails with only my glasses on. (When a man hands his remote over to you, he wants you to feel at home.) I look over at him and he smiles saying “Look how good we are together…what are we waiting on yo?” (He’s so Brooklyn...And he sounds so much like Jay-Z, sometimes I secretly pretend I’m Beyoncé. ha!) I chuckle, blow him a cutesy kiss hella flattered, but I give no verbal response and continue on with work for the moment.

Being with him just feels so good. Like each time we’re together I just want to stay in his presence. Every day with him in or out of the house is an experience and always a comfortable one. Everything about Zaddy is Big. (EVERYTHING IS BIG) He owns businesses with offices in New York, California and Atlanta. He’s a busy guy, so having a full day mid-week like this with him doesn’t happen often. But today he’s staying in with his Dell laptop open beside mine and I’m listening to him constantly take calls, give instruction and sounding like a BOSS while doing it… *swoon*

After a couple rounds of intense back scratching, neck biting, moans of ‘I love you’s’, sheet clenching, explicit love-making, he opens his laptop again and while he’s working I’m massaging his shoulders, neck, head and temples…thinking damn I love this man. Kissing him makes my head dizzy, my knees weak and my kitty is moist/mouth waters at just the thought of him. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in years. Our chemistry was so hot at first sight from the first date last August when I pulled up to park at the restaurant he’d suggested we meet at and saw him standing leaned up against the driver’s door to his Range Rover waiting on my arrival. To this very moment, it remains the same each time I see him. Today was get down juicy daytime loving. I’m 135 lbs., 5’5” but thick as hell in the right places. He’s 6’4” and solid. So he picks me up, handles me like a grown man should, and with full control places me how he wants it. Yaaaaaas…From the back, from the side, I’m being carried like his baby taking every inch of him like a champ. To next thing I know my 32DDD’s are smashed up against his bedroom windows on my tippy toes with him behind me giving an X-rated show to whatever lucky bastards could potentially catch a glimpse from the heights we’re on. He knows exactly what to do with every inch of my body, I know what to do with every inch of his and he leaves me completely satisfied. But I can’t say for sure what’s what. I’m just enjoying this moment right here right now and letting things unfold as they may.

Around 6pm I decide to head out. I’m thinking I’ve been here since about 10am and I’m not exactly sure what his plans are for the evening or if he thought I’d hang through the night. But he didn’t say and I didn’t ask… All we agreed to was thinking it would be fun to spend the “work-from-home” day together. So I’d rather leave before he mentions needing to make a move. And actually, I have a date tonight that was pre-planned that I’m really excited about. *sheepish grin* So I need to make it across town to my house in traffic to shower all this love juice off and get dressed. It was hard to leave him so I’m now in the thick of it. But it did feel pretty good to see the look on his face as he asked leerily “uhm so what you got goin’ on tonight?”. I kissed his lips, hugged him tight and replied with, “I’m gonna get outta your hair literally babe lol wanna head to the gym and then meet a friend for sushi and drinks tonight”. We did us all day, but now it’s time to do me.

So, I make it to the restaurant parking garage in midtown about an hour & a half after I said I would. Yikes… I’m notoriously late but this is shameful. I do pride myself on at least being a considerate person. And don’t want to give off the wrong first impression. Luckily my date lives in midtown there and was only a walk away from the restaurant so all was well when I said I was running SUPER behind. I’m on the phone as I turn the corner walking towards the restaurant when I hear a familiar “Heyyyy Girl!!” Which was funny because my friend on the phone was totally confused as I told her that I spent the day with Zaddy but was headed to meet someone else. So, I quickly tell my friend on the phone, “chica let me hit you back.”. And I commence to greet my date. She was just as sexy as I remembered… Yes. She.

Let’s call her Midtown Girl. I met her at a day brunch party. And I’m fairly certain I’d reached the bottom of the bottomless mimosa tub when this pretty hour-glass shaped lady approached me outta nowhere bold as hell telling me how beautiful I was with no shame. I already felt cute when I left the house but after a gang of mimosas, good music and a room full of attention, this was the icing on my cake. Clearly, she’s coming on to me publicly in front of my friends, but I didn’t quite know what to do with it. I don’t typically swing both ways. I have dabbled as I mentioned before but not really like this. Like most women, I can appreciate another beautiful woman. I don’t lust after her necessarily nor have I ever actually sought out any woman with true intentions to sleep with her. I may playfully flirt after a few drinks if I notice someone that I feel wouldn’t be offended. But I never really intend for it to go anywhere past the fun of it all. And maybe I enjoy a female strip club every now and then. Smack some asses, see some titties…lol ok…Maybe I’m in denial… idk … My past encounters started out as friendships that organically just kinda went that way after a drunken night and some wild thoughts. But this is different and honestly exciting. So I’m just living in the moment.

I told her to follow my IG account the day that we met cuz my friends were straight giving me the side-eye for continuing my conversation with her for as long as we did, and I didn’t quite feel it was natural to just give her my number. (Welcome to 2018.) On her exit she smiled as she stroked my chin with her finger down to my cleavage and she whispered, “damn girl, you’re amazing”. Lol As I turned back to my friends judgmental glances I couldn’t stop giggling. She’s obviously a genius though for so boldly noticing all this amazingness, so she’s alright in my book!

After a week of IG DMs sharing jokes and likes and whatnot, I told her to just hit my cell and gave her my number finally. We talked/texted on the phone for maybe another week with her now apologizing to me for being so forward while promising me that she’s actually fun to hang out with. She said if I’d reached the bottom of the bottomless mimosas when we met then she was under the bottom lost in the sauce. Lol Midtown Girl is cool and hella funny. During our week of innocent text exchanges, one morning she randomly sent me a pic of her naked full breasts, that were nearly as amazing as I am. Along with vividly describing a dream she had of pleasing me the night before that had her over there playing with herself. All of her flattery and heated desire for me genuinely has me curious to get to know her. Shit that and I bet that mouth is hella soft. So, I suggested we meet up for drinks & sushi. How fitting…

Fast forward to now we’re sitting in the sushi restaurant eating and drinking at the bar. Talking, laughing, and catching attention like old homies. She’s really a pretty lady. Cute angled bob cut, nice smile, pretty eyes, perfect white teeth, a banging body, nice Chanel bag/shoes…I see you. She said I looked classy when we met so she wanted to be her best on this first “outing” together. We look hot hanging together that’s for sure. Made friends with the bartender so he was hookin’ us up. We found that we have a lot in common so from jump our bubbly personalities really just clicked. Most of our convo was straight get to know you type questions/answers. She’s in her early 30’s, no kids, never married. She tripped out when I told her I was 40yrs old (insert more flattery and ego-boosting). I try to take care of my body (#BuiltAndaLittleBought you better get that Werk!) and skin plus genetics don’t hurt. You know black don’t crack, so I’m always mistaken for being way younger than I am. I could probably stand to grow up someday too but I’ll take this as long as it’s served. My spirit is forever young. Thanks!

Some guys ended up approaching us towards the end of our meal and they bought a round of drinks. One was tall and really cute but he looked vaguely familiar to me and I couldn’t place him, so I let Midtown Girl have at it. After a few they asked us where we were headed next. The night was fun, so we decided to keep it going and all walked over to a spot that usually gets lit later in the night mid-week to hear some music and drink a little more. Why stop now?

At this point I’m like it’s a work night but I’m drinking light, so I’ll be good. I won’t stay out much longer…yea.ok. Somewhere between glass 3 or 4... and a possible (Spades reference - for the slow audience), is where the fuzziness begins. The music got good. I was dancing and in my own zone with my back to the bar as Midtown Girl talked and flirted more with the cutie who was accompanying us. His friend was whack unfortunately so I was cool letting her do her thing. The music was on fire. I start to feel her hand as I’m dancing and she’s continuing to talk to ol boy, coming around the side of my waist as if she was securing me from wandering off or something. I’m tipsy but I’m also realizing we’ve got a lot of eyes on us, so I dance a little twist and twirl out of her grasp and continue winding my hips to the dance floor.  I spotted a chick I knew (friend of a friend) and she’s drunk too so we get our “hey girl” on and continue feelin' the music. Midtown Girl comes over after a song or two where I’m vibing in my zone and lets me know it’s time to go.

Of course, she cares greatly about her new amazingly beautiful yet drunk friend’s well-being and conveniently lives within walking distance remember, so we make our way to her condo for the night. The night air felt good as we walked. We laughed about how we both have to work in the morning and were obviously both good at making poor life choices. I can’t remember how or who started the kissing but once it popped off, it just didn’t stop. I love a man. But I also know exactly why they love us. 😊

Once we reached a cabana on her rooftop, she placed me there with a blanket and walked the premises to be sure we were alone. I looked at my phone and remembered, shit…I never checked in with Zaddy tonight after leaving him all guessing what I was up to… I drunkenly thought hmmm…who better to share this moment with. So I opened Marco Polo as I laid on my back on the cabana and began sending him a softly spoken and sweet video message to let him know that I had an amazing day with him, that I hoped he slept well tonight and that I was safely spending the night with my new friend. Flipped the camera phone away from selfie mode to reveal my “new friend” as she was now topless, beautiful full breasts, with just panties on climbing onto the cabana towards me and into the camera phone giggling with a huge smile on her face as Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” began to be audible from her phone. “Goodnight Zaddy” I said in the background of the video with a drunken, seductive giggle matching hers… And… scene…cut on Marco Polo. Bring me that soft mouth…Yaaaaaaaaas…

The next morning, I wake up at 6am to move my car and head home before Atlanta parking patrol comes with the boot. Disoriented and definitely still lit…rubbing my eyes like wait…what all did I just do!? And just how many times is too much cumming in one 24-hour period! At nearly 6:15am as I dashed off to my car, I checked Marco Polo and my goodnight video to Zaddy had been viewed. I wondered how many times??… He sent no response…<covers eyes> wait… I don’t think that’s quite what he meant when he asked if I’d ever indulge in a ménage à trois with him and for nearly a year now I’ve acted like this is what is keeping us apart… FML… Now what? I don’t even know. But I did have a great ass day and a good ass night. 😊 Let the chips fall where they may. One life to live. No regrets.

Exit song: “Wet, wet, wet,… ahhh-hhaaa baby!” [Pills&Automobiles]

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Jun 26, 2018

Hey Alexis! Thanks for checking back. I really just went with the flow. I didn't resist against what my mind & body craved in that moment. Almost like riding the high of a free fall or a roller coaster. I surrendered ...and enjoyed every minute of that day with zero worries about what happens next. 😊


Alexis Udom
Alexis Udom
Jun 25, 2018

LEXIIIIIII GET YO LIFE SISTER! I love how you roll! Enjoy yourself Man...Woman...Both! Whatever makes YOU happy! So did you feel a romantic connection with Midtown Gal? Let us know! :) Wooooo this tea is HOTTTTTT!

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