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Lexi Nikols, 40

8-21-18 "When one door closes..."

Ok, so feelings change sometimes like the wind. You simply just wake up one day and feel different. With that said, feelings for Zaddy have waned. The fun from hot sex, trips, dinners, court side seats, and making it rain at strip clubs turned into heaviness and way more confusion than I have time or energy for. Those that I choose to have around me are either adding to my smile or I’m more than fine with saying a pleasant goodbye and accepting both what’s for me as well as what’s not. So no hard feelings between us but Zaddy’s a wrap… Also not sure what’s up with Midtown girl anymore. The last couple months I was either out of town or busy and so was she whenever we attempted to catch up, so communication has fizzled. But she could resurface at some point I’m sure. Don’t they always? At this moment however, I’ve got my eye on the prize and that prize is me.

Another birthday is almost like celebrating the New Year. The excitement, the newness, the what’s next around the corner and often even a new you. Life is to be lived in full and enjoyed as much as one can control. I’m out celebrating life, my entire birthday month! And in great spirits. This particular day I hit a day party after brunch with a girlfriend. Good summer heat out, sunny and the air is filled with fragrances that I like; hookah, maybe a hint of sticky-icky, alcohol neat or on ice and men galore. I’m vibing to the music, drink in hand when I turn my head to lock eyes with this fine, built, tall, chocolate glass of something thick. He smiles, I smile as we both eye each other down and the next thing I know he’s walking towards me. You know how you meet someone and instantly everything gets perky and moist with the “he can get it” running through your mind? Well he could’ve gotten it right then and there. Good lawhd this man is fine! Zaddy Who!? What, When, Where and How??? Shoot when one door closes, sometimes the whole ROOM opens up!

He opens his mouth to ask my name…and his lips are literally perfect and exactly how I like them. Thick enough to feel his kisses yet thin enough to enjoy and they look so soft. I’m looking him over from head to toe and he’s literally perfect. Like God took His time chiseling this man. His nose is the perfect symmetrical shape to fit his face. Eyes somewhat almond shaped giving him a sexy natural squint. His hair is freshly lined and his neatly trimmed beard even looks soft. Arms are tatted and strong, down to the veins running through his thick hands and fingers. Totally ripped like he’s in the gym on a regular. And his legs actually match his arms. (Don’t you hate that? A man that’s way too built up on top and stick legs like a cartoon character.) Not this one… He had to have been some type of athlete at some point in his life. Even his voice is deep and sultry. He is drippin sexy. And I’m catchin’ it all. As big as he is, he’s got these cute little straight white teeth that gives a glimpse into a sweet boyish charm. This man takes care of himself for sure.

Now as soon as I can clear the drool from my chin, I’m trying to actually listen to the words that are coming out of his mouth. As he’s getting his phone to take my number, I creep my arm over to tap my girl who’s just a step over to my right. I give her the wide-eyed look and whisper girl is he this fine for real or is the liquor and this heat getting to my brain. She gives me the eye back like hell yes, but says “he’s fine but country AF” and turns her head to give us our space. Ok, I think to myself, I’m good though. I think I can handle Big Country. That’s what we’re gonna call him y’all. Yeeee-Hawww! Hahaha!!

So I give him my number and I spell out my name. Then I must ask, “sir, where are you from?” He says “Alabamuh! Guhl that Roll Tide.” Damn he’s country AF for real. I say, “Oh ok! I can tell.” as I chuckle a little and he says “Well where you from?” and I respond “a little town up north”. He says “Well I can tell too!” …cute…Nah… Big Country is fine and as thick as everything else is from his neck, arms, hands, legs and feet...I’m certainly curious to learn more about all of him.

As much as I could’ve continued talking longer and taking him all in, I don’t like getting caught up with a person that I just met on the first encounter when I’m out with friends. So I excuse myself by saying “it was very nice to meet you and I look forward to speaking with you more soon.” He agrees with a smile and goes back near his friends to continue on as we both were prior to us being overcome by this wave of some sort of National Geographic’s mating vibe. Now I can’t function and must get another drink asap…

The next day I’m sitting at my desk at work, plugging away when I get the text from him “Good morning pretty lady. How’s your Monday?” I respond, “Good morning handsome. It’s good. Just busy working, How are you?”... We go back and forth a bit until we find that we’re literally texting each other from the same area of Atlanta. So he spontaneously asks if I’d like to meet him for lunch. Now, some days I get up to come to work and either I’m tired because of some random fun from the night before or just in a rush and could care less about the people forced to look at me in the office. Thank goodness this was a day I actually put a little bit of effort into what I looked like. So sure, yea…I match his spontaneity with a happy “yes, let’s meet up!”

I get to a little healthy sandwich shop that I suggested we meet at (a man this cut up has to watch what he eats I’m sure…*brownie points*) I sit in the lot a moment to see if I can watch him pull up just to catch a glance at what he drives. So I spot him and of course it’s a big huge new shiny 4 door pick-up truck. Big Country …what else would he drive??? I’m usually a Range Rover, Mercedes type chick but I could see myself riding shotgun in his pickup with my barefoot hanging out the passenger window.

He greets me with a nice big, strong hug and I take in a good whiff of his cologne. Goodness I love a great smelling man. When we met in the lounge the other day we were both dressed super casual. So today it’s refreshing to see he’s in slacks and a button up with hard bottomed shoes. Oh-la-la Big Country. And I’m dressed in more professional less revealing clothing as opposed to the skin tight bodycon dress he met me in.

We order our food, sit and begin the typical get to know you conversation. “Ever been married? You are single right? Kids? How long have you lived here?… What do you do?” He’s an educator and his school is still on summer break. Which explained his midday free time to meet up with me. Big Country teaches an accelerated high school engineering class that allows kids to carry over college credits. Nice. So not only is Big Country fine, fit and smells amazing, but he’s smart and a strong advocate for empowering our youth with skills for their future. He might just be a winner. <Cheese>

During lunch and our get to know you, I got to know that this man likes to talk …A LOT. He talked about teaching, his previous football career, his awkward 13yr old son, his family in Alabama, his workout regime, diet, some new business venture he’s working on …etc..etc… Not sure how I feel about it just yet but it was refreshing to leave not feeling as if I ran my mouth the entire date. And wondering if I said too much. This time it was on someone else for a change. And if this is another area of karma with my name on it, I’ll take that.

I returned to work smelling like his cologne from just our hello/goodbye hug exchange. And it made me wish I had asked what brand it was because this one just might be a new favorite. (Him AND the cologne.) As I continued on with my day, my phone buzzed and I picked it up to find a sweet text, “I enjoyed lunch with you beautiful. Call me after work.” from Big Country. This made me blush a bit knowing I must’ve made a fairly equal impression on him as well. Although I wondered what he learned about me? Aside from maybe that I’m a really great listener. lol

Now as the day moves into night and into the next day…I can’t stop thinking about Big Country. How soon is too soon y’all?? I might like this one. But I’m still celebrating my birthday and he’s like CAKE! We’re talking, texting or video chatting constantly. So we set up another date about a week out. We met out for an early dinner this night, at a cute little restaurant/bar this time that he chose in Buckhead. We sat, talked, flirted and giggled…both with unspoken words sharing the same strong attraction for each other. After this date, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer… He walks me to my car and as we share a lengthy verbal goodbye (he’s still talking), I stare at his lips longingly and lean in for the kill. Oh my damn…his lips are softer than I thought. Like maybe all that talking keeps them from ever getting dry. Keep doin’ you boo! Lol This kiss started as a nice soft slow peck and as we started to part lips, he zeroes right back in and slips me tongue. I’m not even big on kissing unless I have feelings but this one here… Yummmerz… we can catch feelings later. Kiss me Kiss me, better baby!

So I jump in the car, panties wet yet again… How soon is too soon I ask!?! I had plans to meet up with my homegirl so this was set up intentionally to help me not spend the whole night with him after our date. I get to the spot with her and can’t stop thinking about Big Country. I’m dranking, dancing and thanking… I feel my phone buzz and it’s him. “You having fun? I can’t stop thinking about you.” Great…cuz this helps me right now, I’m thinking. I respond, “I’m thinking about you too…but yes I’m having a good night.” He says “we ate so early tonight, I decided to make a seafood gumbo to eat for the weekend. If you’re hungry when you leave there you can come by and have some with me.” And he sends me a pic of his meal. Now I’m a low-key fat girl, looooove food. Food just might be another way to my heart. (besides good sweet dick and money lol) This man cooks too! Sheesh… and it looks good.

So I playfully say “Oh so now you’re trying to entice me to come over to your place late at night???” His response could’ve killed me. I could’ve dropped right then and there phone in hand. “No, not trying to entice you sweetheart. If I was I would’ve sent this…” He sends a pic of himself in the mirror with nothing on. The phone covers a portion of his face. But you see his arms, chest, 8-pack…(damn an 8-pack???) and then cuts off just at the bottom of that V running down to his thighs. Like the “How Does it Feel” De’Angelo before he lost his entire sexy and disappointed us all. Yep…just label me enticed. That’s it. The night out with my girl is over. She’ll forgive me. One day. Lol But TONIGHT! How soon is too soon? I could give two fucks. I’m leaving to that asap. I chill through a few more songs and half a hookah before I give my homegirl the “Welp…it’s been fun hun…but uhm errr uhhhh…” That thang and his plate was calling me. Literally.

I arrive at his place. And it’s neat. Like really neat. He’s a Virgo and it shows. I’m also extremely OCD so this could work. Furnished nicely. But still looks like a bachelor pad. Lacking décor and color. His fav football team apparel here and there. He walks me into his kitchen holding my hand and lifts me up onto his countertop to welcome me further with a few tender kisses. “I didn’t cut your night short with your girl did I?” he asks. “No, I cut my night short to make it longer with you sir” I responded. We smile and he kisses me again. Next he starts making my plate and proceeds to tell me about how he prepared his seafood gumbo. It smells almost as good as he does. He heats my plate and stands in between my legs to start feeding it to me. Oh-EM-Gee it’s delicious. Like 3 bites in, I just wanted to stop and take him upstairs. However I did need to take that spoon. The baby feeding was sweet and sexy and all but this shit is actually too fuckin good to be playin right now!

After my meal, I was certainly ready for dessert. This man is so fine. And clean. And sweet. And smart and he smells good and he cooks!!!!! Please tell me I’m not gonna find out he has a pinky penis… please please pleeeease sweet baby hay-seuss. <praying hands> So we’re upstairs now and we’re kissing. And we’re touching. Clothing begins to shed. I run my hands down his back to his waist and then I move inside between us to touch it. My hand in full. YES!!!!!! <Insert swollen-eyed Oprah in the rocking chair from the Color Purple> “And I knowed dere iz a gawhd….I knowed dere iz a gawhd”. And I really don’t care right now if this is happening too soon.

He closes the bedroom door and turns on the ceiling fan. Standing there naked and fully erect, his body is like an art piece. I almost want to ask him to leave the lights on. He stands smiling at the side of the bed for just a moment as we gaze at each other teasingly. I’m lying on my back in his bed with my hand behind my head, knees bent and the street light peeking in through his blinds are casting good lighting on both of us. I’m so ready…And here he comes. 😊

*Cue the track* “And it’s on and it’s on and it’s on and it’s on and it’s on tonight. It’s about time that we met. And it’s about time a love I won’t forget…” ~Mary J Blige – It’s On~

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