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Paris Davenport, 34

7-10-18 "Unapologetically Me!" All throughout elementary and high school, even college, my closest friends have been boys/men! I just always hate the drama that comes with girls! Don't get me wrong, I've tried the whole girl best friend thing and that blew up in my face. That was an epic fail because she started "liking" me. We remain friends, but not nearly as close as we were! I still love her to death, but her feelings started getting mad deep and I love men! Needless to say, all of my conversations about men, relationships and such, have been with all males!!!

I'm a super girly girl, yet have a mentality of a man, to a certain extent!! I'm the type of woman the loves Migos, but will be first row at a Mary J concert! I love watching and playing basketball yet get mad when I'm sweaty and dirty. Will put a dresser or mount a tv, but hate carrying my grocery bags, lol. I love going to strip clubs over regular clubs and lounges ANY day! I love to look at women's butt's TOGETHER! I like to be your homeboy and your woman! To me that's most important! It's too often, we look and want titles so bad, that we don't have that desire to build a strong foundation/friendship FIRST! I guess that's why Im in love with my best friend right now?!? *bangs head on table* ANYWHO, when having a conversation about sex, and I mention that I don't believe in monogamy for men, men and women look at me sideways! Let me explain.....

As I previously stated, I've really only had male friends, and listening to them talk and watching them in their relationships and marriages, I observe a lot!! When I get married, I want that to be my ONLY marriage! And it will be! At a certain point in majority of marriages, men tend to get "bored". And I'm only going off of MY experiences, conversations and interactions with others. With that being said, after being married to my future husband for a while and we need a little excitement, I don't mind adding extra fun to our sex life! It can't be anything that happens often, but once in a while, to keep our sex life AMAZING. I n my eyes, I feel like a man is going to do what he wants (women too), regardless. So opposed to me NOT knowing, and him sneaking behind my back, let's have a conversation and fix the craving! The worst feeling, is finding out your significant other is cheating on you! When we do decide to incorporate fun, it will NOT be with anyone that we know. We would go through the proper procedure and take extreme precaution, select a woman we are both interested in and lay down the rules. You can not talk to my husband privately. She will directly speak with ME! I'm not leaving any windows open for my man to allow his feelings to get wrapped up with another woman. This is SIMPLY for you to "get one off" and THATS IT! No relationships are being made!

Women argue with me and say "you want an open relationship" ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is for sexually pleasing my partner! Men think it's the coolest thing they have ever heard a woman say! Either way, my man will be happy!! Another topic I get backlashed on is paying for things....

I LOVE TO SPOIL MY MAN! And that's in every capacity! I've bought cars, wardrobes, paid rent, paid for dates etc and wouldn't have done it any differently! People wanted me to be upset, take everything I bought for my ex fiancé back, and I refused!! Im not that bitter ex! Those are his belongings! Even though some of that stuff I could have DEF kept and used. lol I just feel like when you're in a relationship, you do things because you want. I love saying, baby I got the bill, or lets go out and bottle on me! I feel like certain things should be reciprocated. A lot of my female associates stated they would never, even if they were in a relationship, and that's completely insane to me!!

What your thoughts about both?!? Would you be open to incorporated a little fun in the bedroom? Do you think it's crazy to pick up a tab or bill every once in a while?

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