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Paris Davenport, 34

8-10-18 "#MovieNight" There is this guy, I’ve been knowing, for about 8-9 years through mutual friends! It was always love when we saw each other, but nothing serious, at all! Every now and again, I like to indulge in some adult herbal therapy. He was my connect! It would be MONTHS, in between, that I would hit him up! Not even once a month! As of late, he has been in the gym (looking good as he**) and he is culinary school (so you can cook?!? Ok!). But again, I noticed without noticing!

So recently, I hit him up for a therapy

session! But his response wasn’t what I was used to!

I started the text as usual, “You Around”. Short and to the point. Lol his response was “I was just thinking about hitting you up”. My face immediately scrunched up. I sat there for a minute, or five, and realized that I hadn’t responded! That’s a problem because he has an iPhone too, so my three dots on his end made it seem as though I was typing that entire time! I was a little speechless, but I didn’t want him to know! *smacks forehead* Before I could respond, he hit me with the looking eyes! I’m very straight forward! I responded, “really?? I thought u were in a relationship”. He quickly denied that and said they had broken up! OK!!! So now I’m a little more at ease… I sincerely HATE when a man tries to talk to any woman, when they have a girl. It’s annoying! We spoke briefly and then said our goodnights!

The next morning, he hit me with a “hey you” text! Now, I knew it was time to start flirting with him too! We eventually go into a discussion about the show “Power”, and how neither one of us had seen the the last 2 episodes! So, I was bold and invited him over to watch It with me. He agreed and we said we would pick a date best for both of our schedule. The day he came, I felt like I was cleaning my house like Cinderella! I couldn’t find the right outfit! You know, the cute but chill, not too much showing, but a little leg or shoulder wouldn’t hurt! I love to light candles, but I didn’t want to set a “mood”. I just threw on some leggings and an off the shoulder sweatshirt.

As he was about to be on his way, he asked me what I had to eat…. THAT was something I was dreading. I went back and forth with myself about having food etc, but I thought since we were meeting around 10, HE SHOULD HAVE ALREADY EATEN! Jokes on me! I didn’t want him to think I don’t cook or just don’t have food! I’m SUPER into accommodating my guests! Full SPREAD! I just hasn’t gone grocery shopping! On top of that, you’re a chef…. You’re not going to talk about my extraordinary cuisines!!! You’re the chef, YOU COOK! Lol After he made me feel bad about not having groceries, he said he will pick up something to eat and head over!

When he arrives, it’s one of those “so I greet him with a hug” or just say hey! May have hugged him once or twice the entire time we’ve known each other! I open the door, and he came right into a great sideway friendship hug! I was actually relieved! Given the fact that I already told him I was celibate, I was praying he would respect that, and he did! In my living room, I have a huge sectional! I sit in the same spot every time! He came and sat so close, he ended up sitting on my sweatshirt!! He then tried to put his arm around me but it was awkward because I had just positioned myself to where he couldn’t. *slaps forehead*. So we watch power, it goes off! Now what? Do I offer you to stay? Or is it time to go home??? He wanted to watch a movie! Now I’m getting nervous! I was Getting sleepy but I knew that once he left I will be wide-awake.

Ultimately, I was nervous about dozing off because recently I have acquired a ridiculous snore! It’s actually quite embarrassing. Halfway through the movie, I just laid on him. He kept his hands at a very safe place the entire time. I was actually comfortable. Once the movie ended, I walked into the door, another half that was a little more affectionate, and so I’m just text when you get home. After about 30 minutes he ended up texting me telling me he enjoyed my company and let’s do it again. I agreed. Now I have been getting good morning, midday, and after midnight text messages.

A couple days later, I hit him up to get some “therapy”. Told him I would be there in about 15 minutes! I get there, and the way his apartment is set up, he can see out his bedroom window, to the outside of the front door. I see him peek and he came to the door about a minute later. A minute is an a lot but when you’re waiting outside, it is! He comes to the door with a towel On and he is ROCK hard! It was one of those instances, where you didn’t want to be obvious that you were looking, but I was staring, in accident! He says “dang no heads up”. Told him to check his phone and he saw my text! So I left quickly! First thought in my mind was, I interrupted him while he was obviously banging some chick back out!! Lol

He text me later that night and said me a text with that eyes emoji. I responded with A hey and sorry to interrupt you earlier text! I was REALLY sorry that I interrupted him! That had to be the worst!! And I sent an emoji so that he wouldn’t think I was being jealous, territorial or any other possible thought that I actually cared! His response was, “oh nah, you didn’t interrupt anything, I had just got out the shower”. Why are you lying Sir? I saw you!!! Lol but I didn’t say anything. I let him go on and then I said “that was an intense shower then” #NoResponse Then he responds about 25 minutes later and says “my bad, had to let my homie out”. Lol! Ok cool! The one you were just smashing! He laughed and said maaaannnn!

But this time no denial! Hmmmm? Why lie?? Why not be upfront? WE ARE NOT TOGETHER in any capacity! None! Why do men lie to entertain other women?? Most women respect you more if you’re upfront. At least I do! But if this newly developed friendship is starting of with lies, do I even want to continue to entertain? We speak a lot more frequently now, which is cool! I guess I’ll just keep communicated, but I think I’m good on him! I get turned off so easily! Or maybe I just want my best friend to come and sweep me off my feet!!! What u guys think?!?

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