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Paris Davenport, 34

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

10-18-18 "Homecoming 2018" Attending a HBCU homecoming, as an alum, is super serious!! Especially if you’re single! You see ex boos, crushes, flings etc! Since this was my FIRST year EVER being single at a homecoming, I had to make sure I was turning every head that needed to be turned! I had a few people in mind, that I had to make sure I was FINE AS HELL for!! One of them being a “friend”, that recently moved back to Atlanta from LA! He was always a crush of mine from college. I never really said anything after college because in ALL of his pictures, he was hugged up with lighter women that didn’t quite look like me! So I just admired from afar!

Last year, I actually invited him out to an event that I was working! That was only the second time since we’ve met, that we hung out! We had a ball!! He kept saying “man when I get back to the A, we gon kick it.” Needless to say, he was out here maybe 4 months and we NEVER linked! He was the send off KING! So after the third time he cancelled on me, I said fuck it! I stopped reaching out! Not shortly after I wrote him off, his father passed. 😒 Of course, I reach out!! But we still didn’t link! Which was ok because I was over him….. possibly. This happened at the end of July!

Toward the beginning of September, everyone started getting thirsty for homecoming! Everyone is planning what they are gonna do, what parties they are going to go to etc! So everyone KNOWS I’m the turn up QUEEN! I had a whole itinerary! So, under one of my homecoming posts, he comments “yea we need to talk about homecoming.” So of course I’m like yeah, ok! I pay it NO mind! Few minutes later, he texts my phone!! He wants to follow me down there (driving) and wanted to attend almost every event I was going to. Hmmmm I couldn’t understand why! I was leaving Thursday and he was initially leaving Friday! When I told him when I was leaving, he immediately said he was leaving when I did! Once again, why is he trying to hang with me all of a sudden?

All Day Thursday, while I’m at work, he is literally texting me every hour, about he is so ready to go!! Well honey, if you ready, leave! Lol he insisted on waiting! Needless to say, we met up and drove 4 hours to our school! Upon arrival, I have plans! I’m literally about to go straight into one of these clubs, AS IS, because they college kids and it’s only a hour left in the club! I didn’t look whack, I just looked like an alum who didn’t care about attending a college party! Lol Once we arrive, he goes to where he is staying and I make a stop at Walmart! Within 20 minutes, he called, “Where you at, lets link up” of course I’m super excited, so I tell him where we goin! We get there, go straight to VIP and kick it for that last hour! It was fun!! Then we called it a night!

Next day, I wake up and fix brunch! We have convocation and then the Set! Deejays, Greeks, dance team etc, all outside dancing, strolling, eating and drinking! As I’m

Preparing breakfast, my phone rings “wya, wyd, you going to convocation?” Nope…. I’m not going. I’m just cooking brunch and then headed to the Set! Mind you, he was the Mr. *Inserts college name*, my freshman year! So he is supposed to go to convocation and participate in certain activities because he was on the royal court! He continues to say “oh fuck convocation, send me your location!” Once again, me being the thirst bucket I am, I sent it! Lol he gets there in less than eleven minutes!! I forgot to even ask the person whose house we were in! Luckily he remembered him from the night before! We eat, I get dressed and we get ready to bounce. We (my sister) have to go check into our hotel and then head to Set! He suggests that we park at the Frat house and he will Uber us! Ummmm YEAH! That way we don’t have to walk or worry about parking! We stay out there a few hours. He Uber’s us back to the car and we go to our hotel to get ready for the day party!

Within an hour, he texts and ask me where we were, because he was at the day party waiting for me! I told him we’d be there in about 45 minutes! Get to the party…. And all the hoes jockin!!! New hoes, old hoes, hoe Hoes! Lol I saw him one time! So I leave the day party at about 9! He literally called me at 9:45 and ask where I am… he is still at the day party, which turned into a night party! He begs me to come back! OF COURSE, I go back. Can’t find him. So I just sat in the section with some friends that I knew! At this point, he keeps texting me “wya”. Clearly he has to be drunk. Walked around, still didn’t see him! Oh how glad I am that i knew people!

So now the club is closing. Everyone that I’m with, are standing outside in front. About fifteen of us! As I’m standing outside, guess who I see stumbling down the stairs with a young lady who possibly has the biggest butt I’ve ever seen!! Lol so he sees me, and literally runs and dives in my arms and whisper “I’m drunk, I need you”. *Rolls eyes* At this point the other guys I’m with, looking and one for a little mad! I was confused until he told me later he liked me. But that’s another story! I’m standing here holding this big ass man, trying to figure out what’s going on. So I called his Frat brother and he said to uber him to his house! Of course I wasn’t going to let him go alone, so I made the big booty chick go with him… he was leaving with her anyway, right? Right! So the girl texted me when the uber dropped him off and then again when the uber dropped her at her hotel! Mind you, he is STILL texting me! Sir…. Goodnight!

Saturday is finally here! Homecoming game and the biggest alumni party of the weekend!! Game was good and we won! Saw him twice, but I knew he’d be with his fraternity. After the game, we go to relax and then it’s time for hair and makeup. YES! Yes I did book a glam squad for homecoming! I HAVE HEADS TO TURN REMEMBER!!! He was so thirsty to link up with me, he met me at the place where I was getting my makeup done! I still have to go and change! When I came back down with my hair curled and that little red dress, his mouth dropped!! Exactly what I wanted.

My girls and I , got a section! So we good the whole night! He comes and is literally all on me in the club. But I’m playing it coo, because I’m def trying to get the attention of this other guy! But we all drunk we having a good time! After we left, I had a friend of mine open up a hookah bar so we can chill! We get there and he walks in with the chick he is staying with! We all having fun. I’m drunk and don’t care about what’s going on. So I’m dancing on him etc but every time I tried to get up, he would pull em. We played tug a war with my body for at least 3 minutes. I kept giving up! Lol

His friend, is now ready to go! He has been saying all day he wants to stay with me. He has really bad social anxiety! And he knows Ill make sure he good! So as he is giving his goodbyes, his friend is pulling him and yelling “COME ON LETS GO”. So she pulled him to her and he was like nah, he has to say bye to me. I read lips very well! He comes and kinda falls on me and says “please don’t make me go with them”. Ok well tell them. Ol girl is mean mugging now! Lol I think it’s funny because she thinks it’s bothering me and it’s not! Shortly after, we all leave!! Woke up Sunday, went to brunch and hit the road. He was too drunk, so I left him! We spoke the next day (Monday) and he asked me to go out with him on Tuesday to have tacos…. Of course I give the nonchalant ok!

Tuesday comes, and so does he! Lol he hit me and we linked up! We actually went to like 4 places for drinks and hookah! Fun night! Oh no…. I think I’m liking buddy! After that, his communication gets a little stronger. He is still battling the lost of his father so his insomnia is really bad! He asked if he could come over! Of course! I cooked and we Netflix and chilled! He is the BEST cuddle buddy EVER!!!! Woke up the next morning, (yep he spent the night) cooked breakfast and sent him on his way, as I had to work! He texted me later that day, about how much fun he had and how well rested he was etc!! That’s what was most important to me. Him actually resting and being comfortable! He was so comfortable, he came over again… this time when he came…. I had some tricks up my sleeve!!!he hadn’t slept in 48 hours and hadn’t eaten in 24! Oh what a night it was!!! 😏 I nailed the perfect night for him… details of “The Night” will be in my next post!!!!!!

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