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Amaya Renai, 34

7-2-18 "The Memphis Rug Burn"

Have you ever kissed a man and got a rug burn on your tongue?!? No.... unfortunately I have........... 

I was recently asked, If I would ever date outside my race. Honestly, I don’t think I can do it! I LOVEEEE me some black men! Nothing wrong with dating outside your race, I love to see interracial couples. But my preference when dating is a nice tall glass of chocolate (YUMMY) I may be limiting myself but I haven’t totally given up on dating brothas! Not yet anyway. Although, I haven’t dated a white man, I do have a sexual experience I want to share with you guys...

Soooooo, when I was a kid ( 6 years old to be exact) my neighbor flashed my sister and I HIS 5year old PENIS, Boyyyy how I remember it like it was yesterday!!! OMGOSH my first experience of WHAT I WILL FOREVER THINK THE WHITE MANS PENIS ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE 😂😂😂 until my night in Memphis!! 

At that age, my exact thoughts were....small, bright pink and Vienna sausage looking. Since then, I never wanted to see a pink baby penis 😂😂(but we were babies ) LOL

Fast forward...... 23 years old, a flight attendant and a 24-hour layover in Memphis, Tennessee with a cool ass crew. We decided to go to Beale street and party! We went into this bar and met a group of guys who were chatting up a storm with my two female coworkers. We ended up partying and bar hopping with them. 

Picture it: Three women; two whites girls and myself **proud African American woman here**, and four white guys.

I can honestly say , I HAD A BLAST!! Bar hopping all day and night!!! It’s started getting late and we decide to head back to the hotel shit-faced. Two of the guys with us from the group was with us! I’m thinking the two guys are there to hookup with the girls.... little did I know one of the guys was trying to hookup with me. We make it to the hotel, enter the elevator to head to our rooms. The other girls walk off the elevator as well as the one of the guys, his friend still on the elevator with me. At this point, I ask him why he didn’t get off with his friend and he tells me he wanted to spend the night with me and kisses me, I don’t overthink it, I kiss him back. We begin a heated make out session in the elevator. The door l opens and we are basically tearing each other’s clothes off and tonguing each other down. We enter the room and lay across the bed kissing, kissing and more kissing..... I eventually started to get a little annoyed bc my lips and tongue were wore THE FUCK OUT!!! Not from the kissing y’all but from his facial hair on his face!!! ( I love a man with big lips bc I like to bite and suck on them ) well this young man, we will call him JIMMY. He had no lips and his facial hair was growing back on his face. So technically, he was making out with me while I was making out with his CHIN. 

After over an hour of kissing I pretty much ended up with rug burn on my lips and tongue...😒no joke! My mouth was so raw and burned I just stopped kissing him, and started taking off his clothes!! I was low key hoping there was an out there ointment to heal my lips and tongue from the burning I was feeling.

At this point, I probably should have stopped there but I was horny as hell and I didn’t care who and how I got my orgasm. I hand Jimmy a condom and we begin to what ended with him leaving with his ego bruised.

So, ladies, being wet is a wonderful thing and don’t let no man tell you otherwise! Lol

So, we start fucking, I usually don’t have an issue with a man complaining about my overabundance blessing from God. But that night, this man spent most of our sexy time, trying to stay in! For a split second I thought it was me. Then I realized no matter what position I was in he kept slipping out. 

“Ohhhhh ahhhhhh opps” that’s what I heard from his ass the entire time we TRIED to fuck! 

I turned around on all fours thinking maybe, doggy style will be better! NOPE! It wasn’t 😣

HIM: Damn Girlllll, you are just too wet, this isn’t normal!!! I usually don’t slip out this much. Can you wipe, some of it off for me?!? 

ME: ((shocked by this request I chuckle some)) I immediately jump up and say “No, I cannot! I don’t think it is me! It’s you, sir! Being wet is a GOOD THING”.

HIM: But not this wet!!!! 

I couldn’t believe he found all that wetness to be a problem! So I got pissed! I got a rug burn kissing this no lip fucker then he got the nerve to say I’m TOO WET?! Bruuuuhhh idk what happen, I snapped! 




HIM: What do you mean by that?!? I thought we were having a good time!!!!




He didn’t argue with me, got dressed and left my room!!! 

I mean it was JUST a one-night stand!! 

YOOOO I DIDN’T EVEN GET OFF! Oh man, what a wasted night! But that guy had to go! I need a man that can handle all this wet wet.. (FLIPS HAIR)

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2 comentarios

LMBOOOOO i just DIED!!! You better tell him girl!

Me gusta

Alexis Udom
Alexis Udom
04 jul 2018

Yessss u betta slip and slide him out of yo face sis! Girl do u! If it he can’t hang in, we can’t hang out! Snaps in a circle ⭕️

Me gusta
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