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Cookie Snookie, 33

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

9-9-18 “Move girl, light that ass 🍑on fire🔥!” (Part II)

(Continued from Part I)… I looked away from him shyly and he reached a hand up to my ponytail to tug it lightly. My attention snapped back to him and he repeated, “so have you?” Slowly, I forced myself to look at him, but instead of answering I asked, “have you?” He gave a weak, blasphemous laugh before exclaiming, “Fuck no! I walk in a straight line.” Immediately, I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I’d only really asked the question to keep from having to tell him whether I’d ever done anal or not. White Chocolate was so obviously strait even a flag pole would be envious of him. Speaking of flag poles, his was definitely poking through as we stood on the trail shamelessly embracing one another.

With a smile he said, “you already know I love pussy. I’d never give it up for a stroll down the rainbow road. ” Behind my hand, I hid the ridiculous giggle that nearly escaped my lips. The smile on his face grew adoring as he moved my hand from my lips to nip at my bottom lip and then steal a kiss. His voice deepened sexily as he quietly confessed, “I only ever fuck women, but I’ll admit that I don’t mind variances in how I please and fuck my woman if she’s game.” I yanked my eyes 👀up from his lips in surprise as his scandalous words sank in. And am I your woman? I wanted to ask, but a phone 📱buzzed sparing me from asking the question or giving him the digs on my anal experience.

Frowning, he glanced at his apple watch to check caller i.d.; and gave a sigh of clear irritation as he reached into his pocket to answer his phone. He greeted the caller; his eyes finding mine again as we continued to stand intimately close. A feminine voice answered, and my heart squeezed as an emotion I recognized as irrational jealousy flared its ugly head. I started to pull away from him, but right when my muscles tensed to move from his hold, it became clear it was a business call. He quickly talked facts and figures and then mentioned a meeting time later in the week right before dropping a line about how he wasn’t at home or at the office. The person seemed to get the message, and when he ended the call, he said, “sorry, it was for work.” “It’s ok,” I said tersely. We could hear 👂🏾the gravel from the trail as a runner approached; so he released me. We walked side by side, and he said, “I’m famished. My car is up ahead. I can drive us to get supper if you want.” My crazy jealous emotions were still reeling, and I briskly replied, “ok.” We continued walking side by side as the runner 🏃🏾gained on us. I was still deep in thought, but after the runner passed, White Chocolate came around to face me; walking backwards as I walked forwards. Apparently, it had been obvious I had things on my mind because he met my gaze 👀and asked, “a penny for your thoughts?” I stared at him and exaggerated batting my eyes as I said with a sickly sweet smile, “no, a penny for yours because mine are worth way more than a fucking penny.” He shook his head slowly in astonishment; and giving me a dimpled smile 😆. He said, “Sharp tongued as always Cookie. It’s adorable, but you can’t think I’m going to keep letting you avoid my questions. It’s time to pay 💰the piper!” I rolled my eyes, 🙄 “Or you’ll do what exactly?” I asked in a daring tone. He abruptly stopped walking, which forced me to have to stop too to avoid running into him. He raised a brow at me and said, “do you really want to go there?” “Perhaps I do,” I said; tilting my chin up haughtily 😤. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

His face grew serious in a bad boy kind of way, and then he said, “alright then…” As he strode forward until he came to tower over me. I forced myself to stand my ground even as I had to look up to keep eye contact with him. His warm breath washed over my face as he said, “since you want to go toe to toe with me, then let’s set the payment terms for you being too chicken and prissy to answer my questions.” I gave him an unamused look 😐. In answer, he gave me a sardonic smile 😬. Calmly he said, “I already know the answer to my first question. You’ve denied nothing I’ve said about your asshole being virginal. So, I have no reason to think it’s not.” I gasped in outrage at his abrasive words. The cheeky logical bastard! I thought to myself. He continued on as if I was being dramatic. “As for what you were thinking earlier, there’s no damned way for me to know that, but I’ll still compromise marginally if you tell me what was on your mind….” “Marginally!” I said indignant. “Yes, marginally,” he said so calmly it grated on my nerves. “Because I know deep down you’re curious about anal.” “No, I’m not!” I replied sharply. Self-conscious about people overhearing our conversation, I looked around then said more quietly, “why would anyone be curious about having objects shoved up their ass?” “Because it feels good,” he said simply. Flustered because there was no way I could argue with him since I hadn’t done it, I said, “my asshole’s a precious commodity.” “Yes, it is,” he agreed breezily as he raked his gaze over me salaciously. “So much so that it needs to be thoroughly appreciated with a righteous fucking,” he said giving me a rakish grin. I was so stunned by what he’d just said that my mouth fell open as if I were catching flies. Taking advantage of my shock, he said, “and you are interested Cookie; whether you want to admit it or not.” Then he blatantly ignored the clear denial on my face; by saying, “but since you agreed to go toe to toe with me, you’ll make a pact with me.” “A pact?” I asked questioningly. “Yup, a pact that if you fail to tell me what you were thinking earlier, you’ll pay the consequences.” I let that mull over in my mind a minute before I asked, “what kind of consequences?” With pure arrogance he said, that you will come over again, give me head, and then let me be the first to tap that virgin ass 🍑of yours.”

Taken aback by his crude words, I took a step back from him; blinking a few times in shock as I tried to keep from imagining doing the things he just listed. In turn, he took a step forward; smirking cockily down at me. It was as if he knew what I was thinking. Like he was some kind of wild predator 👹who knew he had his prey cornered before moving in for the kill. In that same same gratingly calm voice, he said, “if you answer the second question, you’ll still have to come over. But I won’t ask you to deep throat me, nor will I completely fuck that virgin ass of yours.” “Comm-pppp-le-tttt-llyyy,” I stuttered like a bumbling idiot. In explanation he said, we’ll do some anal play, we just won’t be going all the way.” His lips turned down into a semi regretful smile. I looked at him as if he were fucking crazy then forced myself to get a grip. With pure black girl attitude, I said, “ummm, it’s none of your fucking business what I was thinking White Chocolate.”- Because I was thinking of how crazy jealous I’d just been that a woman was on your phone. - “…. And black girls…, well we kind of don’t really do anal shit,” 🙅🏾I finished by plastering a disgusted look on my face even as images of ass worshipping and caressing flitted through my mind. What if it felt as good as vaginal sex and I’d been sitting here missing out all this time? I wondered. Damned him! He was right about me being curious. Had it been that obvious? Or was he just that good at reading me? He lifted his brows in surprise then and said, “says who?” I opened my mouth to reply and when nothing came out but a squeak, he said, “they may not tell you about it Cookie🍪, but black women do anal; trust me. And once you stop being a fucking prude and actually experience shit for yourself; you’ll understand why.” My lips thinned as I clung to my stubborn aversions 😤. He was still towering over me, and I angrily tried to move around him. He blocked me. Then blocked me again, and then again as I tried to get past him. As I grew more and more frustrated with each failed attempt to get around him, he chuckled and I felt like stamping my foot in female irritation. 😡 I refrained, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing he brought out such a cliché girly girl response from me.

Breathless from our little exercise in agility, I pushed him playfully in the chest. In response, he pushed his chest out and softly bumped into me. I was about to push him again and give him a piece of my mind when he caught my wrists and I saw the amused look on his face. He was enjoying this. I blew out a frustrated huff and 🙄 he said, “You’re adorable when you’re mad Cookie.” “Am I?” gritted out. He chuckled and said, “Yea, that’s why mastering your sexy ass is going to be so much fun.” As my cheeks flamed in embarrassment, I tried to break out of his hold. In a sexy as sin voice, he said, “it feels good as hell you know, and I’m not just speaking for myself when I say that. In my past experiences, the women become more eager to be fucked that way than me.” Ughhh, that was….. kind of…………….. well, good, I mean, interesting to know I guess???????? It’s just that voice! My prude side supplied. It’s not your fault he has a voice like rose pedals gliding over silk. Any female would be tempted. I clung to my feeble justifications like a prayer; letting the explanation purify my tainted soul and set my halo to rights atop my unworthy head. He released my wrists then, and I stared at him in bewilderment. Holding my gaze, he began nodding his head slowly as if to say, “oh yes…., its true; my anal sex prowess is really that good!” What a cocky bastard! I thought as I worked to recover my scattered dignity. A woman with a stroller walked past us; the picture of female poise as we stood in a silent sexually charged standoff. I prayed she hadn’t heard our conversation a second ago. White Chocolate took full advantage of my distraction by reaching forward and gently taking my hand. Kissing it seductively, he gave me a slow cat ate the canary 🐱 🐥 smile that shattered all hope of me maintaining my dignity. Lowering his voice he said, “I’ll be gentle and we’ll go slow. I wanted to roll my eyes at the thought of how many men must have used that same line to get into a woman’s pants. But I couldn’t deny that hearing him talk about it had definitely peaked my interest. Continuing with his dirty talk, he said, “it’s a different kind of feel…, a different kind of sexual enjoyment. You’ll just go through a bit of an adjustment period, and then you’ll be able to fully relax and appreciate everything.” Gauging my reaction; he added, “You’ll also have to let go of those ignorant hang ups you have about it too…. Approach this with an open mind, and the attitude that it’s going to feel damned good no matter what.” But I shit 💩 out of my ass hole! I thought inwardly. Nothing is ever crammed up in there, only pushed out💩! He gave me an indulgent look and said, “we’ll do it in the shower 🚿, once you’re nice and…. carefree about the world,” he purred seductively. “I never agreed,” I said; feigning disinterest. Undeterred he smoothly said, “We’ll ease into things…. Quite literally.” I wanted to hit him but lashing out only seemed to encourage him. Besides, something in the tone of his voice got me thinking about what else he had planned. As I tried to puzzle shit out 💩, he slyly wound his fingers in mine and continued to lead me down the path to his car. With my mind whirling, and my tummy rumbling as if in agreement to our future destination; I didn’t protest.

A few paces later, and he said over his shoulder, “I can work from home tomorrow morning. What about you?” Deciding to see how badly he wanted this- wanted me, I said, “I have work.” in a no nonsense tone. Unperturbed, he said, “can you…” I cut him off by holding up my ✋🏾 flatly saying, “I can’t miss.” Over his shoulder, he gave me a sly smile before he tisked saying, “so then, I guess you’ll be telling me what you were thinking then…?” Damn him! He knew I was hiding something that I didn’t want to tell him. The knowledge angered me for some strange reason 😡. Maybe it was the damned unrelenting heat from the sunset 🌇. Blurting out the first thing that came to mind, I said, “I was thinking about how adorable you looked as you talked shop with that lady,” I lied unconvincingly. Not even pausing to stop walking, he chuckled and said, “you could at least lie better than that.” “I told you before, it’s none of your damned business what I think about. My mind is off limits!” I thundered. “Communication is key to any relationship, and this is a relationship is it not?” he asked sooo smugly. “I don’t know what this is,” I replied so quietly, I didn’t think he heard me until he stopped in his tracks and abruptly turned to face me. For a long moment, he just stood staring at me with an unreadable expression. Dropping my hand, he took slow, calculating steps toward me; holding my gaze the entire way. He continued forward until his face was an inch from mine. He kissed me again, and this time we were definitely making out passionately. Tongues tangling, everything was pure magic as we stood in the middle of the park and I transformed into putty in his arms. I wanted him and everything he had to give. Whenever he kissed me, it was always like this. A chain ⛓reaction went off, and I melted; unable to get enough. We devoured one another hungrily, and as he slid his hand down my spandex clad ass, he forcefully squeezed it before yanking me into him. I could feel every contour of his hard body against mine, and I couldn’t help but moan into his mouth in pleasure. Right as I did though, he… stopped. My eyes flew open in outrage. Against my lips he whispered between breaths, “Not a relationship hu???” He cocked his head; daring me to deny the obvious. When I said nothing, he said, “That’s what I thought. You’ve learned since Sunday. Seems even someone as stubborn as you can comprehend that you can’t bullshit me, and I don’t back down until I get what I want…” he squeezed my ass again as if in confirmation. Flustered, I blushed 😳 as his burning green gray gaze seemed to burn me alive from the inside out 🔥. I cleared my throat uncomfortably. Then, breathily replied, “so, talk is cheap.” He glanced down at my lips 💋as I quickly licked 👅them and raised a brow. “Does this feel like it’s just talk?” I looked away self-consciously. “I mean exactly what I say Cookie. I’m pretty transparent.” unlike you, his eyes seemed to say. He blew out a breath then asked, “how the hell do you expect me to get to know you; what you like, and dislike if you keep shit bottled up the way you do?” “I just met you,” I said defensively, “…and you don’t just go around blurting everything you think to someone you just met.” He dragged his gaze from my lips and narrowed it on me, “true, but its common curtesy to answer truthfully when a person asks you nicely to be strait up with them.” He gestured between us. “You like me, I like you, and if you like a person, you should want to be forthcoming. It’s as simple as that.” “and since you need me to spell out what’s between us, it’s defined as a relationship. If you look it up in a dictionary, it spells the shit out quite plainly for all to see. Please stop overthinking shit just because society and the people who conform do. I’ve done nothing to make you feel like you have to conform or close yourself off from me, but that’s exactly what you do.” He paused to stare pointedly at me, “I lay it all out there. Put it all on the line. You can either take me or leave me, and you’re going to need to do the same because I’m going to insist on it.”

I bit my lip as I stared at him. I couldn’t fault him for anything he’d just said. A moment passed, then another. I had no words. What the hell could I say when he’d just thrown the truth right up in my face like that? All I could do was acknowledge the genuine affection in his eyes. How had it come to this? One moment we were flirting and talking anal sex, the next…… He slid his hands up to rest on my shoulders, and again, it was like he’d just read my mind because he said, “forget about the sex and all the physical shit we’ve done and been debating about all night.” He snorted and gave a little head shake. “This is about me knowing we’re compatible, and you fighting it.” I felt as if someone had just dumped a bucket of cold ❄water over my head. Damn, when he candidly laid shit out like that, it really put shit into perspective. Because in that moment, I realized there was a much bigger issue at stake. I was holding back because my abnormal relationship with Charmer had scarred me. Ridiculous I know, but there it was. How else did you explain why I was treating White Chocolate exactly the way Charmer had treated me? Charmer was a pro at holding himself an arm’s length away so I could never get too close, and now I was practicing that dumb ass ninja’s learned behavior. *Inward sigh.* It seemed I’d endured Charmers shit so long, that it was what was familiar for me; what was comfortable. How…. unfair, hypocritical, and foolish of me to fall for that. Here I was, thinking I was immune from any fall out or small-minded shit that Charmer had done, but I wasn’t. Everything has a consequence Snook and this is yours. My mind supplied in summary.

I took a deep breath and exhaled calmly as I assessed our positioning. White Chocolate was rubbing soothing circles on my shoulders as we stood an arm’s length apart. Damn, it seemed God really did have a sense of humor. I took this as a sure sign I needed to make a change quick. I’d wanted to give White Chocolate a chance a few weeks ago but hadn’t. Instead, I’d done everything but let him get to know me completely. That all had to end now, or I’d end up like Charmer- DUMPED. Easier said than done Snook, my subconscious said. We both knew that because everything had been going at such a scary fast pace with White Chocolate 😱, pure unadulterated fear had made me one wary ass bitch. You gotta give him a real chance, my rational side said. How could you not open yourself up to him when he’s definitely done that and more for you? I must say, I agreed completely. I knew I was putting White Chocolate through the ringer with my skittish behavior. No one I’d ever met could hold a candle to him, and because of that, I’d fallen for him 💞. I was very aware that there was a very real possibility that I’d never feel this way about another person again. In my thirty plus years of life, I’d certainly only felt this way once. Fear of never having this again made me decide to get out of my own way and stop hiding from my future with him. The key to achieving was believing after all, and it was time for me to believe in having a relationship if I wanted to achieve a marriage one day. 👰🏾

I took another deep breath and said to White Chocolate, “I know, I’m just scared. Stuff is happening so fast. At least, for me it is, and it’s hard to know what to do.” Relief flashed across his features briefly before his expression returned to being hard and assessing once more. I swallowed my unease as he gave me another long, calculating stare. Analyzing me… I thought as I endured his scrutiny with discomfort. My subconscious laughed. Girl you’ve endured his scrutiny by exposing all the goods to this man! This ain’t no different? But it was different because at this pivotal moment, I was risking heart break 💔, and so many people never recovered from that. He must have read the sincerity in my demeanor or something because he gave a nod of satisfaction. Damn, he was good as hell at reading people, or maybe I was just such an open “picture” book, so reading me easy. “I agree, and believe me, it’s only natural.” After all that, this was all the response I got! What in the hell did he just mean by that? I wondered. When a mosquito buzzed past, we started walking again. We were both tense, pensive, and quiet for a long time. When a group of runners passed us, he said in a teasingly voice, “you know, I appreciated your honesty earlier. However, that wasn’t the answer to my previous question.” Awww hell!!! “Not this again?” I said. He shrugged, “I’m definitely not letting you out of our little pact,” he said with a sidelong smirk. When I rolled my eyes, he said, “I told you I don’t back down. You know I mean what I say.” I groaned with indignance. “You’ve heard of espresso shots right?” ☕I pressed my lips together 😑and looked at him as if he were crazy. “Why would you bring that up? Of course I know what they are,” I said as if it were the most absurd question on earth. “You like em?” he asked calmly. Where the hell was he going with this? “Yes, I said looking at him as if he were dense. He rubbed his chin and said, “Since you have to be on-time for ⏰work in the morning, you’ll need to make good on our little pact by enjoying a cup in the morning.” He said with a cheery, smile as he urged me forward 😈. “Your gonna need caffeine to pull it off because making good on your end of our little bargain means you’re going to have a late night tonight.” He looked at his watch ⌚and said, “it’s already 8:30, and we’ve got sooooo much- to- do with every opening of that sexy body of yours.” When I grew outraged by his words, he slapped my ass. I yelped and angrily asked, “don’t you think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself? I haven’t even agreed to say or do a damned thing!” “And you haven’t disagreed to say or do a damned thing either,” he said in a smart-ass tone. Shit! I hated when he fought with pure logic so I couldn’t argue.

I have a Nespresso machine that makes a pretty baller ass espresso shot ☕. So, I’m sure you and that ass will be just fine in the morning Dr. Snookie. If your not,” he tisked, “then its summer. I doubt you’re super absorbed in teaching college students this time of year; so you should survive.” I was pensive for a long moment before I said, “what if I just tell you what you want to know?” In a dry clipped tone he said, “it’s too late…, we’re already at my car.” I stared into the ether until my eyes landed on his vehicle. How Fucking Convenient! I thought. My eyes widened, “What! You can’t change the rules on the fly like that!” “And why not? I said nothing about a time limit. You just assumed there wasn’t one.” “Because…” I trailed off unable to finish. With an amused and superior look on his face, he said, “you know what they say, assuming makes an…..” He waved his hand 👋🏻wanting me to finish. I let my eyelids roll heavenward🙄 and sighed my response, “an ass out of you and me.” “Ironic isn’t it,” he said with a big dimply smile “…since we’ll both be experiencing your ass momentarily 🍑,” 😈 He gestured for me to walk towards his car. Damn if I didn’t want to slap the bastard for his sarcasm and smart ass 🧀innuendos. I glanced at his expression, and for some reason, the look he gave me made me burst out laughing. Bending over, I grasped my knees as I doubled over laughing. When I could finally return to standing at my full height, I looked over and saw that he was smiling 😁with amusement over at me. All I could think in that moment was that we had such good chemistry that I never wanted the experiments to stop. When I moved to take my seat inside his two seater, he made a big show of checking out my ass. I shook my head in feigned annoyance as I scrambled into the car. Distracted by his gawking, I took my seat, and…. YOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! my ass burned on the hot leather. Damned the Texas sun 🌞 and its unrelenting heat this time of day! He chuckled as he slid carefully into his own seat. “I didn’t expect to be lighting a fire 🔥to your ass 🍑so soon,” he said as he bit his lip adorably over at me. I blushed then glared playfully over at him as I gingerly sat down to put on my seatbelt. That’s what I get for wearing hot pants I supposed.

We drove my car to a lot near my campus, and he paid for it to remain the whole night so I didn’t have to drive it all the way home. When I told him I had spare work clothes, he retrieved them without a word, and I felt silly for all my angst about them earlier that day. When we arrived at local foods, he managed to talk me into ordering our food to go. We joked, flirted, and argued even more as we drove to his place. When we finished eating, he poured two shots of whisky for both of us. A slow smile crept over his face as he met my gaze and made the toast, “to being more than a little curious, and opening up…, in more ways than one.” I’d nearly choked on my shot as I got his meaning and tried to gulp down the burning liquid 🔥. Chuckling, he moved in to take my shot glass; kissing me the entire way to his bathroom. Turning on the light, he told me to strip as he moved over to his dark marble bathtub 🛁. I watched as he turned it on full blast before remembering to undress myself. I pulled my hair up into a tight bun as I stood totally bare assed in the bathroom. His eyes bulged 👀, as he caught sight of me, and he seemed to have to remember himself as he reached down to locate some kind of bubble bath from beneath his sink. He muttered something about how his mom had given the soap to him right as the bath began to bubble. As he left the room, he gave me a passing peck on my cheek and instructed me to get in the bathtub. All I could think as I got into the bathtub was whether I was truly going to go through with losing my anal virginity to this man tonight? Duh! You wouldn’t be here otherwise idiot! My subconscious supplied, Why not lose it? If its anything like his vaginal sex, it’ll be mind blowing! YOLO Cookie! Y-O-L-O!!!!

When he returned to the bathroom, I was stretched out in the huge dark bath tub with the water just a quarter of the way full. He paused when he entered and I felt like a goddess as his gaze slid all over me. In his hands he had a large glass of chilled white wine, and a bowl of chilled dark cherries 🍒. My summertime favorite! I took the proffered wine and the cherries and set them on the tub as the bath continued to fill. Steam and a sexy, woodsy scent filled the air with dark sensuality. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic bag with a single cookie 🍪inside. Removing the mystery cookie from the bag, he stared down at me as he broke it in half. Kneeling, he moved toward me, and asked, “have you ever eaten an edible before?” I stared at him with my lips 💋 pressed together to try and hide the naughty 😈smile creeping across my face. He smiled adoringly at my response. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He knelt before me and put half the piece of cookie 🍪in his mouth. He moved in with the cookie 🍪 balanced between his lips and the message was clear for me to eat its other half. When we’d each finished chewing; he moved in and kissed me breathless. Why the fuck was he holding back? I wondered as he pulled away. As if he’d read my mind once again, he said, “I want you totally relaxed. The wine and this hot bath should help speed up the effects of the THC in that edible.”

He moved behind me and began rubbing my shoulders; murmuring about how I needed to be totally relax before he’d do anything. He began to kiss down my neck; his hair falling forward to tantalize me further. A hand slid into the water, and my eyes slid closed in bliss as he began to rub my clit 😌. I tried to play it cool and stay still, but soon I couldn’t help but squirm in anticipation. When I began to moan, he backed off and removed his hand. I tried unsuccessfully to keep the whine out of my voice as I said, “don’t stop.” When he didn’t answer, I flicked bubbles over my shoulder at him and said, “Hurry up and get in here!” He chuckled lightly and said simply, “you’re not relaxed enough for that yet.” He rose to his feet and I stared up at him; snapped irritably, “and whose fault is that!?!” up at him. “Mine,” he said bluntly with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders. “What can I say, your gorgeous, and I can’t keep my hands off you. Think about that while I run my errands…” “Errands!” I cried in astonishment. “What the hell do you mean errands!“ He chuckled as he walked around to retrieve more bath soap. As he poured more in, he turned, and my eyes 👀 instantly dropped to the erection 🍆tenting 🎪his pants. He watched my reaction as he poured in more soap. Glancing down he smiled back at me saying, “believe me, neither he nor I want to go. I just don’t have what we need. If I don’t leave now, I’ll end up fucking you, and ruining the fun of taking that virgin ass of yours tonight…” I crossed my arms over my bared chest. Using my toe, I played with the stream of water as I asked, “And how long will it take for you to run this errand?” He struck a match 🔥and said, “as long as it takes to drive to my nearest sex store, get what I need, and drive back.” I took a sip of the wine and stared 👀 at the outline of his dick 🍆in his pants; mesmerized by how blessed this man was in the endowment department. He noticed my lingering gaze 👀, and snorted with amusement. “Don’t worry, I’m more than motivated to make it a quick trip.” Adjusting himself, he began lighting three midsized candles 🕯that he’d already had in the bathroom. Next, he placed the candles in strategic places around the tub 🛀 before turning on some soothing sensual music 🎶 and shutting off the lights 💡. In the candlelight, I watched admiringly as he changed into a fresh shirt. In a commanding tone he said, “Don’t play with yourself while I’m gone, I want you exactly in the state you’re in now.” I pouted but it fell on deaf ears. “Wait until the water level is up above the jets before you turn them on. Relax, eat the cherries, and drink the wine. The edible will take a while to kick in, but by the time I get back, you’ll be nice and… relaxed, and we’ll pick right up where we left off.” As he made his exit, I said, “I walked right into this shit didn’t I?” “Yup,” he replied with a soft chuckle, “but I want you bad enough to do things right,” he said, shrugging again as he left his apartment.

“Fuck!” I breathed out loud as I relaxed into the tub. I stared at the glowing candles and ate a piece of the chilled fruit. I closed my eyes 😑and savored the sweet taste. As I adjusted the towel, he’d placed behind my neck, I thought, well this is has been nice as fuck. Sooooo…., thoughtful. The only thing wrong was, I wasn’t a patient woman when I was horny, and right now, I most definitely was that. He’d brought me to a fever pitch, then left me hanging. All I could think about now was how I wanted to ride his glorious cock all night long. My skin was over sensitized by the hot water, and the shots had me feeling nice and sexy and languid. Left to my thoughts, all I could think about was how crazy this day had been. I’d learned a lot of quality shit about both him and me tonight. We’d definitely had our fair share of moments at the park, and all of them had just made me want him even more. I tried to imagine what all he had in store for me tonight. What would it feel like for him to give me anal? The more I contemplated the night to come, the more the butterflies fluttered in my stomach 🦋, and I realized I would more than likely be calling off work tomorrow. Oh well, there really wasn’t anything terribly important that I needed to get done. I turned off the water 💦 and turned on the jacuzzi jets. As I adjusted to them, I popped a cherry 🍒 into my mouth 👄; and giggled as I ate around the pit. How coincidental that I’d just “popped a cherry” 🍒 into my mouth 💋 as I prepared to lose my anal virginity. As my wine glass neared its bottom, I tried and failed to force my woes and sexual fantasies away. A feeling of utter contentment filled me as even more colorful fantasies began to play out in my mind 🌈. My thoughts began to scatter and drift. But when an unexplained smile spread across my face 😄, I knew for certain that the edible had just kicked in. Everything began to feel even more heightened, lighthearted, and fuzzy. My mind was confusing and thoughtful all at the same damned time. A foolish giggle slipped out as I considered the old Future song “at the same damned time.” WOW! I was literally and figuratively in LA LA land! More mindless mind wondering ensued concerning sex, and then the overwhelming urge to touch myself hit. He’d never know, I thought. I was horny and couldn’t help myself, my fuzzy mind reasoned. But as I slipped my hand between my legs, I heard a key 🗝 at the door 🚪. “Uh oh!” I thought. It looked like my ass 🍑was about to be lit on fire🍑 🔥.

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